Hansaben Jogia lived her life courageously and gracefully

Hansaben Jogia
Hansaben Jogia

Councillor Ameet Jogia lost his mother Hansaben Jogia on October 31, less than six months after his father Narottambhai Jogia passed away from cancer.

Hansaben – originally from Mwanza, Tanzania – was diagnosed with mouth cancer in July. Despite being a low-risk patient, Hansaben’s cancer proved to be aggressive. Despite a surgery to remove the tumour and radiotherapy, doctors were unable to cure it.

Hansaben passed away within four months of being diagnosed.  Her passing came as a huge blow to the Jogia family, marking the second bereavement in months.

However, Hansaben took on her cancer courageously and accepted her illness gracefully.

Before her death, she sorted out all her personal affairs and bills, including sorting out her saris for loved ones and planning her own funeral services.

She also waited to see the birth of her first grandchild – Jayani Jogia who was born on October 9.

Hansaben left this world content, giving her blessings to her family. She said she had no more desires after having seen her son well settled and was looking forward to being reunited with her husband.

Hansaben is survived by son Ameet Jogia, her daughter-in-law Priya (daughter of
Deepakbhai and Premaben Jatania) and granddaughter Jayani.