A British glamour model has opened up about how she was groomed by an ISIS recruiter to become the next White Widow.

Kimberley Miners, 29, from London, claims she was groomed online by ISIS recruiter Naweed Hussain and he wanted her to follow in the footsteps of Sally Jones, a British-born terrorist and UN-designated recruiter and propagandist for the Islamic State.

Miners was arrested last year after the anti-terror police discovered correspondence between her and Hussain. Law enforcement officials let her go after they realised she was completely duped by Hussain, who targeted her when she was vulnerable.

Miners was reportedly dealing with a miscarriage and she had just split from her fiance when Hussain got in touch with her. Miners turned to social media to deal with her loneliness.

“I was upset by what was happening in Syria to the children. I wanted to do something to help,” she told The Sun. “I started sharing videos of bomb attacks in the hope of showing people what was going on. I soon started receiving lots of friend requests from people in Syria. They’d message me on Facebook.”

“It’s embarrassing now but I liked the attention. I’d been so lonely. Now I felt I finally belonged. I craved the attention, the respect and the offers of friendship,” she said.

Hussain reportedly got in touch with Miners after she had been using Facebook to highlight the plight of children caught up in the Syrian civil war, and the duo began discussing the Syrian civil war.

Law enforcement officials got wind of her online activity by the end of 2015 and she was asked to attend a terrorism prevention course. Miners also attended therapy sessions to identify possible triggers for her behavior.

All charges against her were dropped last year.