Gauahar Khan: Brave Bigg Boss queen comes back with a bang

SELF-MADE: Gauahar Khan
SELF-MADE: Gauahar Khan



INDIA’S biggest reality television series Bigg Boss just started its fourteenth season and looks like having audiences globally hooked for the next few months.

The Indian answer to Celebrity Big Brother has had many headline grabbing moments and one of the most memorable was Gauahar Khan’s stunning victory in season seven, which helped the show go global in a big way. The self-made model turned actress took all her girl power and lit up the seventh series in a way not seen before. She returned for Bigg Boss 14 as a mentor and continues to blaze a trail of fire with her hot presence.

Eastern Eye caught up with Gauahar Khan just before she went into the house for a motivational interview about getting inspired, being healthy, finding success, getting through tough times and being a big boss.

Why is Bigg Boss so popular?
It is popular because people want to see human behaviour. I think it’s a simple thing; in India, especially, whenever there is an accident or there is some sort of conflict on the roadside, everyone stops and watches. (Laughs) Very few will go and help, but everyone loves to watch it. So I think that Bigg Boss is a thorough entertainment for everyone. It’s a great learning experience also because you get to see so many different characters of people from different strata and fields. Obviously, it’s an interesting watch and most of the faces that come on the show are already known, so that makes the show popular. The format is interesting and people get hooked onto it.

How do you look back on the series you won?
Oh my god! I think season seven was by far one of the best ever. It had a great cast. Every person in there was so strong and competitive. Each one of us was there to win. So, that made it even more interesting. I think every moment in there was extremely special for me. I thoroughly enjoyed myself in there. I think that manifested into me winning the show because I was happy being there. I’m just so thankful I was part of season seven.

What is the secret of winning the demanding Bigg Boss show?
Well, there is no secret of winning such a demanding show. I don’t know what the audience ends up liking eventually with each season. But the secret is winning the hearts of people because that is the only way you can win the show.

Gauahar Khan with the Bigg Boss Season 7 trophy

How did the show change you?
It made me a lot more patient. It made me a lot more receptive to a lot of factors in life. It also made me absolutely uncaring about negativity. Because if I could take so much negativity to my face, I feel it has helped me not to pay attention to trolls at all.

Did being locked up during Bigg Boss, help you during Covid-19 lockdown?
Not really. It was completely different. I was in the Bigg Boss house by choice and Covid-19 took us all by surprise, completely, and was forced upon us. So it was very different.

How are you getting involved with Bigg Boss 14?
Asjad, I follow rules so I can’t tell you exactly what I will be doing or how I will be involved in Bigg Boss 14, but I am there for sure, as you have seen in the promos. It will be an interesting watch. It will be interesting to see people who have won the show and are popular dealing with people who are new on the show. There will be firsts like this, so it will be fun. You have always exuded girl power.

What do you think is the secret of your boss-like power?
I feel that when you speak the truth you don’t have to fear anything else. For me, I am a self-made girl, no one has contributed anything to being where I am, other than God. That gives me reason enough not to fear consequences or not to fear something that may be taken away from me, because all I have is my hard work. All I have is everything that I have built from scratch. So I think truthfully, with all respect and rightfulness, I take my powers ahead, and that is my power.

What is the best advice you ever got?
The best advice I ever got was to watch my tongue. I think people don’t do that. People don’t connect what you are trying to say with what is in your head. And that makes all the difference.

Which boss-like person do you look up to in the industry?
I love Rekha ji. I think Rekha ji has a lot of inner power and commands respect. She has a commanding aura that makes people look up to her. So in the industry, I definitely love Rekha ji and the way she carries herself.

What key advice would you give young people starting their journey?
There is no short cut to success. You have to work really hard no matter what field you are in. Be honest with what you are doing, not just with yourself, but be honest with other people as well. Don’t try and cut away someone else’s benefits or don’t try and underplay other people. Give people their due, and you will finally have your own path. I feel like that.

Where do you find strength on days you are feeling down?
In God! It’s interesting that the azaan is going on right now as I speak to you. Allah is everything to me. Without him, I am actually nothing and just a mere mortal. So for me, anything and everything is the almighty. And I seek my guidance, I seek my help, my forgiveness from there, and that is what I do.

What inspires you today?
Just the fact that I have this beautiful thing called life and am so blessed that I get to live these 24 hours (each day). And that is what keeps me going. My life is my inspiration.

You are also known for your fitness, how much does that help you?
That helps me a lot. In fact, when I get my blood reports and everything, I get damn excited that I am leading a healthy lifestyle. Fitness is everything to me. I want to look my best even when I am in my sixties. So not for just the way I look, but also for the way I feel inside. Age is something that obviously, after your fifties, you will feel like you have to maintain yourself, but I feel like you should start now. That is what fitness is. It is a way of life.

What is the key to remaining motivated to do things like exercise in lockdown?
Just the fact that you value your life. You value your existence. That is why you need to exercise because your heart, lungs and organs need something from you to keep it working the way you want it to keep working. If you are just going to sit there and do nothing for it, then you are not respecting your body, you are not respecting your existence. So exercise is almost a give back to your body for its functions.

What according to you is the secret to keeping a healthy mind?
I think acceptance, love and being non-judgemental. Those are the three things I feel keeps your heart and mind healthy because then you are not complaining, and not seeing your glass as half empty. You will always then see your glass as half full.

What is your master plan going forward and what can we expect next?
My master plan is how I can get better every single day at what I am doing. My master plan is to only be happy. I have lots of shows on the web that I have already finished shooting, and I am waiting for their release. I have an amazing song coming up with Parmish Verma, and can’t wait for that. I have also got great things going on, mashallah, and I am super excited about life.

What according to you makes for a big boss?
I think a leader. I think a person who is truthful. I think a person who is unabashed about the way the person is, but also doesn’t forget respect. I think that is what  makes for a big boss.