Film review: Zaira Wasim shines in Secret Superstar

By Asjad Nazir

Starring: Zaira Wasim, Aamir Khan
Director: Advait Chandan

A young girl (Zaira Wasim) from a conservative Muslim family desperately wants to realise her dream of becoming a singer, but is largely held back by a tyrannical father. One day she uploads a YouTube video wearing a burka and becomes an instant sensation. But the path towards fulfilling her dreams is blocked by family pressure and her only hope is an egotistical music director (Aamir Khan) who is hated by everyone.

From the little girl trying to realise her potential to the family conflict, teenage angst and professional hurdles, this musical takes audiences through a range of emotions. This is also a beautiful mother-daughter story and tugs at your heartstrings from beginning to end.

Central to all of this is another incredible performance from Zaira Wasim, who last had an award-winning turn in Bollywood blockbuster Dangal. The youngster delivers one of the finest performances of the year in what is arguably the best Bollywood release of 2017. The family friendly drama will appeal to everyone including older audience members who will recall the times when they were young and dreaming big.

Aamir Khan and Zaira Wasim create onscreen magic again in Secret Superstar

If Dangal was one of the finest father-daughter stories ever made, then Secret Superstar is certainly one of the greatest mother-daughter stories Bollywood has produced. This movie will stay in your heart long after it has ended. It is so much better than other 2017 releases that I give it FIVE STARS.