TALENTED TV star Varun Kapoor has made a name for himself with a series of winning performances and won admirers globally. These include Jes­sica Vanessa Mamani Piluy from Sao Paulo and Deboleena Gupta from Kolkata who run a fan club dedicated to him, which was originally created by Preeti. Eastern Eye caught up with them to find out more.

What made you set up the fan club?

When Preeti set it up, Varun was slowly making a mark on TV but wasn’t on any social platform. The fan club was created to connect fans with his latest work and boost fur­ther excitement around him.

Tell us about your fan club…

Team Varun Kapoor was the first fan club on social media dedicated to the actor. We have every kind of infor­mation. We share news, unknown details, photos, videos, articles, in­terviews and more. Our main agenda is to spread love and promote Varun.

What has been your best moment?

It’s difficult to choose one memora­ble moment, but him mentioning about his fan clubs in various inter­views and conveying thanks for sup­porting him are surely our fondest memories. Apart from that, him get­ting well-deserved awards for his work have been fond memories. Eve­rything related to him and his suc­cess is special to us.

What is the favourite thing you like about Varun?

Asking a fan why they love their idol is unfair. But a simple answer is we love him because he is Varun Kapoor. He is a simple, dedicated and hum­ble human being. He has no greed for limelight or stardom, but believes only in hard work. That’s what makes him even more special to us. Our idol is not just a celebrity, but an artist of learning and improving.

What do you think is the greatest work Varun has done?

Each piece of work has its own beau­ty and essence, which adds up to make him a better version of what he was before. If we have to choose, Sanskaar in hit show Swaragini and Kabir from Humse Hai Life are per­sonal favourites, purely for his great performances.

Tell us an interesting fact about Varun…

Some interesting facts include he has OCD, so can’t bare to be around mess and wants everything in place as it is. He is obsessed with paneer and loves it. He is a big time prank­ster, but loveable while doing it.

What is your definition of a true fan?

It’s difficult to define a true fan as each love their idol in a unique way whether on social media or everyday life. A true fan understands how their idol thinks, shows them respect and accept facts about them. Even if you don’t see it, your idol will feel the love. Varun is not on social media but he will acknowledge you as a fan through any other possible interac­tions. True fans may never meet each other but will remain connected to their idols.

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