One of India’s best-selling authors Chetan Bhagat, who enjoys a massive readership not only in India but across many parts of the world, unveiled a slick promotional video for his new book, The Girl in Room 105.

The new novel and its promotional video were rolled out via Facebook Live-stream in Mumbai today. The trailer revolves around a young boy Keshav Rajpurohit who hails from a conservative family. His life takes an unexpected turn when he goes to visit his ex-girlfriend Zara Lone, a Kashmiri Muslim, in her room.

This is the first title of the six-book global deal that Chetan Bhagat signed with Amazon Publishing announced in April this year.

Talking about the book, Bhagat said, ‘I am delighted to launch my first collaboration with Amazon, and they have backed me all the way in the process. I am excited to explore the thriller genre for the first time and readers who have previewed the book have given a fantastic response to it.”

Speaking about the innovative trailer, the renowned author said, “We now live in an era of screen-invasion and we have to find innovative ways to reach millions of readers. We thought a good way to create buzz around the book would be to create a slick promotional video that will communicate the storyline and the mood of the novel, to create interest in people to pick up the book.”

Speaking on the scale and production values of the trailer, Chetan added, “I am lucky to have wonderful friends like Mohit Suri and Vikrant Massey who put this together. With an experienced director like Mohit Suri and a fantastic actor like Vikrant Massey, the production quality and impact of this promotional video is outstanding.’

The Girl in Room 105 is now available on pre-order on The book will be widely available on 9 October 2018 in print, online and at book stands.