Zayn Ibad Khan: Challenges of making an impossible acting dream come true

DETERMINED: Zayn Ibad Khan
DETERMINED: Zayn Ibad Khan



TALENTED actor Zayn Ibad Khan has shown the value of not giving up and chasing your dreams.

He had a strong connection to acting from a young age and received support from his late father, who had always wanted to see him on-screen, but found it challenging to get a break.

After working behind the camera and going through a decidedly difficult phase when he had nothing, the dashing actor finally got his big break in hit Colors TV drama serial Ishq Mein Marjawaan 2, which recently concluded after over 200 episodes. Now a household name, the small-screen star is looking to do more challenging roles and is very much here to stay.

Eastern Eye caught up with Zayn Ibad Khan to discuss his inspiring journey, Ishq Mein Marjawaan 2 experience and future plans.

When did you realise that acting was your true calling?
My soul, life and everything is connected to acting. And most importantly, it was my dad’s dream too. Every time I perform a scene well, it feels like he is happily watching me from heaven. I have done a lot of plays and solo performances from a young age. The most memorable was when I played Charlie Chaplin. My dad helped me with this part and it was a success. So, acting is in my blood.

How was life before you got the big acting break?
Life was good and it still is. Alhamdulillah. I believe in being happy with whatever I have. I am grateful I had food on my table, clothes to wear, a house to live in and I still have those. I admit facing several ups and downs, and it’s still on. But I guess it’s a part of our lives. I will always be happy and positive. I believe whatever is happening is all planned by Allah and Allah can never be wrong.

How did you end up in Mumbai and bagging a role in Ishq Mein Marjawaan 2?
It is a long story. It was a dream for me to live in Mumbai and fulfil my acting career. I was saving money, but unfortunately, couldn’t make it. One day I got a call from a producer with whom I’ve worked before as a line producer. They wanted me to play the lead in one of their ongoing shows. They were planning to replace the lead because something had happened. They asked me to pack my bags and come as soon as possible and arranged for a workshop to get me accustomed for the role and brush my skills. I reached Mumbai, but things weren’t happening as I was told.

What happened next?
About 15 days later, I was told that this is not happening. I was devastated but promised to not leave Mumbai and get myself working, Sometime later Ishq Mein Marjawaan 2 worked out. I think that we all need to give things time, be patient and let the almighty lead the way for us.

What has been the experience of working on the show?
It’s simply great. I’ve been learning every second and getting paid for it. What can be better than this? And my co-stars are like my family. Every moment on the show is special for me. I look forward to coming on the sets. It’s my first show and closest to my heart.

Why do you think the show has been getting so much love?
Ishq Mein Marjawaan 2 isn’t one of those typical saas-bahu sagas. It is an exceptional story. It’s a thriller, which is very rare on Indian TV. The twists and turns only make it all the more interesting. Even the dialogues are worth remembering. Everyone is working hard to make the show a success.

What is the way forward and do you have a dream role? 
I believe in one thing that ‘never reveal your next step’. Yes, I would like to do a lot of work in future. I haven’t explored much yet or what my dream role would be like. For now, I am focusing on different and challenging roles.

Who would you love to work with?
I had a dream of working with Mr Irrfan Khan sir. Unfortunately, he left us too soon. He was one of the greatest of all time. I want to work with every great actor. I even want to work with those actors who will make you shiver even while doing a regular scene because they have this amazing talent, and screen presence. For me, all these will be a part of the learning process.

Is there anything else that you enjoy doing other than acting?
Acting is thankfully both my passion and profession. Apart from that, I am into singing and love it.

What do you enjoy watching as an audience?
I enjoy thrillers, movies which are dark and high on suspense.

Has lockdown changed you in any way?
Yes, the lockdown changed my schedule and helped me in exploring newer avenues. It taught me how nothing is impossible and you can do anything you want to. I used to hear it and read about it all the time, but the realisation happened only during the lockdown. Life isn’t a bed of roses, there will be thorns as well. But you have to enjoy the journey.

Instagram: @zaynibadkhan


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