Bhagavad Gita recited in the House of Commons for the first time

FOR the first time in the history, the Bhagavad Gita was recited in the House of Commons recently.

Two British Indians – Dhruv Chhatralia and Vishal Jobanputra recited in a function held on June 5.

Chhatralia is a corporate lawyer, author, and international speaker who has given over 300 talks on the Bhagavad Gita.

Jobanputra is an international investment banker and is known for his talks on the Hindu holy book.

Chhatralia, commenting on the event held at the lower house of the UK parliament said: “Over 5,000 years later we have continued this great, noble and proud Rishi tradition in the British Parliament. We have created something really special in the city, which has become a unique achievement for Hinduism.”

On the occasion, the House of Commons celebrated the completion of the spiritual organisation Satkarma Humanitarian Youth Awakening Mission’s (SHYAM) third ‘Gita Gnyan Maha Yagna’ by Saloni Belaid, Riddhi Vyas and 33 of SHYAM’s Gita teachers to over 340,000 students in 161 countries during a time span of 27 months.

The event was also celebrated over 200 recitals of the Gita rendered by Chhatralia in London during the last eight years.

The function was hosted by Bob Blackman MP. It was attended by community leaders of eight different religious backgrounds and chairpersons of over 25 Indian organisations.

It featured inspirational talks by Blackman, Chhatralia, Jobanputra, Belaid, Vyas, and others.

The Gita was taught by both Chhatralia and Jobanputra in a rational, scientific, and practical manner.