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A custom-made drama for Priyal

SPOTLIGHT: Priyal Mahajan
SPOTLIGHT: Priyal Mahajan



AFTER turning heads in hit serial Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, talented newcomer Priyal Mahajan has stepped up to take on the challenging lead role in new Colors drama serial Molkki.

The newly premiered show revolves around a young woman, who is sold into marriage and suddenly finds herself in a transactional relationship with a much older man.

Eastern Eye caught up with Priyal to find out more about her and a show that is triggering a lot of interest.

What first connected you to acting?
Acting is something that has always amused me. For me, the whole act of stepping into someone else’s shoes and being completely absorbed by a different personality is super intriguing. I love how as an actor one can live different lives with each role.

How did you feel facing the camera for the first time?
It felt like it was meant to be. If I may say, it felt like home. Although there’s definitely the jitters, I’ve developed confidence and become completely comfortable before the camera overtime.

What was the experience of acting in Kausatii Zindagii Kay 2?
I think it’s been a wonderful experience. More than anything, it’s the amazing co-stars with whom I got the opportunity to share the screen space. The Kasautii sets have always been lively, and I think everyone, from the cast to crew’s infectious energy and enthusiasm, made the show a success.

Tell us about your new series Molkki and the character you play?
I play the role of Purvi, a 19-year-old, independent and responsible girl who lives in a village in UP. She is sensitive, soft-spoken and has tremendous amounts of self-respect. She is someone who teaches kids in her village and wants to become a teacher. Her life takes a new turn when she gets married to Virender Pratap Singh, a man twice her age. Her headstrong attitude gets a rude shock after realising she has been sold as a bride. She now looks to earn the respect and love of others around her, as she struggles to establish a new relationship with her husband.

Priyal Mahajan with Amar Upadhyay
in Molkki

What can audiences expect from the serial Molkki?
There are some unusual customs that are still prevalent in Haryana, but I had never heard the word molkki. It’s only during the narration I got in-depth knowledge about the custom born out of a skewed gender-ratio. I am glad to be a part of a show that puts the spotlight on this issue and will make viewers aware about it through an intriguing story.

How does it feel starting a series during the time of Covid-19?
I think it in a way puts forth the message that one’s spirit should never get dampened no matter what. Since it’s not certain when the Covid crisis will end, the best way to go about this is to just take the best of safety precautions and trudge forward. Work should never stop.

What do you enjoy watching?
As an audience, I like to watch shows or movies that inspire me and push my mind to think in different directions. Something that offers me a fresh perspective in life. I love web and TV shows equally, and love to binge-watch shows when I have the time. But now, I have a tight schedule.

What inspires you?
Experiences inspire me. I’m of the opinion that a person is as rich as their experiences. And I think that there’s something in each day that inspires me. Whether it’s a blooming flower from a concrete crack or a child’s smile full of life on a subway. It’s the little things for me.

Do you have a dream role?
My dream role would be to play something that challenges the actor in me. And to play a role that has a very rich and complex character.

Why do you love being an actor?
I love being an actor as it brings with it an opportunity to live various lives and experience them through different eyes, each time I play a new role. It’s amusing to me, and I hope to do more amazing roles in the future.

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