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A brand new world

by Zara Ahmed

WE CAN’T get away from the fact that our world has now changed. That dramatic difference in the way we live will carry on long after this coronavirus lockdown is over.

Before the global shutdown due to this terrible virus occurred, most of us were running a race that had no end and no possibility of an eventual winner, yet we ran. We continued to run so fast that we didn’t notice things like environmental damage, blessings we take for granted, including loved ones, and how much time was being wasted on meaningless pursuits, such as getting ‘likes’ on social media.

Being forced to stop in our tracks and take a break from the rat race has forced everyone to appreciate the simple blessings we took for granted, like walking outside, meeting friends, getting access to groceries and perhaps, most importantly, loved ones. Some have lost loved ones and are regretting all the things they didn’t say, and others have the heartache of being apart from those important to them. Some are blessed to be in enforced isolation with loved ones and are getting to spend time with them.

From the relative safety of our own homes, we are also watching so many suffer globally due to this terrible pandemic, from families devastated by the loss of loved ones to impoverished migrants desperately trying to get home. We are also helplessly watching frontline professionals, including the amazing healthcare workers, risking and losing their lives to keep us all safe. Those are the same workers most of us took for granted and ones who definitely didn’t get treated fairly. But the compassion we feel for them is a good thing, just like the fact we are appreciating our blessings more. I hope we take these positives into the new world that is waiting for us after the lockdown is fully over.

In that brand new world waiting around the corner, my hope is that we tell those we love how much we care and spend more time with them. I hope we no longer take our blessings for granted and give all frontline workers the respect they deserve. I hope we say thank you to the shopkeeper who provides us with food and the delivery persons who make our lives easier. I hope we realise that there is a beautiful life outside of work and social media. When we go for walks on a beautiful day, I hope we take a moment to breathe in that air and smile. I hope we treat planet Earth better, are respectful to others and show kindness to ourselves. Last but not least, this virus has shown us that we are all one and I hope we take that spirit of togetherness to build a brand new world. If we can do that then something good will have come out of perhaps the worst global tragedy of modern times.

Zara Ahmed is a London-based property professional, who enjoys reading and travelling. Her passions include real estate and supporting children’s charities and education.

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