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Vitality Blast – UK

The 20/20 competition involving all counties in England was set to start in May, but with the lockdown in the UK due to COVID19, this event has been postponed and looking to be re-scheduled.. The one key point to note is that unless the tournament can be completed by mid-September, then this tournament will surely not take place, due to the weather in UK most September which doesn’t lend itself to Cricket.

IPL 2020

The first and biggest tournament to mention in Cricket is the IPL. The biggest twenty over competition in the world was meant to get underway this month, but the tournament has been postponed and with the format of the competition which involves all the teams taking players from all over the world as well as home grown players, this will have an effect on everyone’s schedule due to other commitments.

With the Cricket calendar having a very tight schedule any movement in dates will have a knock on effect for other events.

IPL 2020 was going to be the biggest event yet with the best short-form Cricket players from around the around heading to India to take part in the two-month tournament. The IPL consists of 8 teams from different cities in India and the regular participants include the Mumbai Indians who are the record winners with 4 victories. Then there are the Rajasthan Royals, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Dehli Capitals, Kings XI Punjab, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

The current situation is there is a review underway and we await a time for this to be re-scheduled.

The Hundred

A brand new tournament is set to launch in the UK this July and finish in August which is set to continue the revolution of short-form Cricket. The name ‘Hundred’ is that as this form of Cricket is 100 balls per team. Teams have been created from around the UK, and with players, due to come from around the world there is a lot of enthusiasm to see how the UK fans take this tournament.

Currently, the tournament is scheduled to take place, however with all the Cricket before that being pushed back, the tournament owners will want this to go ahead subject to the COVID19 allowing it.

Updates will be shared once we have them, but the aim is for this event to take place.

Test Series

England are set to host a three-match summer test series against West Indies and Pakistan. These six matches are set to take place between June and August and form part of the ICC World Test Championship. With the tight schedule as outlined above, this test series may have to be reduced. However given the start date of June, there is still hope that this can be played.

Bangladesh are scheduled to host two test matches against Australia, while when the West Indies leave England, they are set to head home to face South Africa in a two-match test Series.

One Day Internationals

There are many one day international series that are being reviewed due to COVID19. Irelands tour of Zimbabwe this month has been cancelled.

Australia are scheduled to head over to England for three day/night internationals in July which currently are scheduled to go ahead.

One other key set of internationals which are scheduled for the summer are New Zealand heading over to West Indies for three matches in July. These are still scheduled to go ahead.

England County Cricket

The county Cricket season was due to start earlier this month and run all the way through to September. The season is in severe doubt given the back lock of fixtures it will cause. There may have to be a decision made to void matches and just begin the season once COVID19 allows the season to start.

In summary, with the Cricket season just about to really ramp up, many tours will have to have to be cancelled due to the meticulous planning of them. Plus with IPL 2020 postponed, there could be a real doubt this goes ahead. Events in July-September are still scheduled so the hope is COVID19 allows these to go ahead.