Splitsville for Imran Khan and third wife Bushra Maneka?

Imran Khan  (AAMIR QURESHI/AFP/Getty Images)
Imran Khan (AAMIR QURESHI/AFP/Getty Images)

RUMOUR has it that Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan’s third marriage is in trouble.

According to reports, Khan’s third wife Bushra Maneka has already moved out of their Islamabad home. There has not been any official announcement regarding their separation, and rumours are aplenty on what could have caused a strain in their relationship.

As per one rumour, Maneka, who was also his spiritual guide, was unhappy with Khan bringing his pet dogs into their home.

The dogs who “had earlier been expelled from his palatial house on the directives of Bushra Maneka, have returned back and are now seen wandering around the house,” The Times of Islamabad reported. Maneka apparently considered the presence of the dogs an “interruption in her religious activities.”

Meanwhile, Daily Pakistan claims the presence of Maneka’s son was the main reason for their reported dispute. It was apparently agreed before their marriage that no one from Maneka’s family would stay for long periods in the couple’s home.

News of their marital discord immediately spread on Twitter, with several people noting that the separation would “be catastrophic during elections.”

However, Pakistani journalist Omar Quraishi soon shut down these rumours on social media, tweeting: “Am told by a source close to the parties concerned that the report about Bushra Maneka leaving Imran Khan’s home and going to her mother’s home because of a dispute is incorrect and without any basis.”

Khan was previously married to British socialite Jemima Goldsmith and television presenter Reham Khan.

Khan reportedly got married to Maneka early in January, but the news was confirmed only a month later.

There’s also a lot of mystery surrounding Imran’s marriage to Bushra. According to a The Print report, Bushra, who is also known as Pinki Pirni, is believed to have had a dream where she told that for Imran to be Pakistan’s Prime Minister, she must marry him. Their union will also bring prosperity to Pakistan, as per the dream. Bushra narrated this dream to her husband who then agreed to divorce her.

Bushra and her husband divorced in November 2017 citing spiritual reasons and her son Musa Manika reportedly said the divorce happened strictly on orders from “Allah and his Messenger,” according to The Print.