Shah’s 3650 shows off a dark and emotional side to poetry


POETRY has historically been romanticised with a reputation for being difficult to access and perhaps composed for the literary community. But with the digital age thriving and attention spans shrinking, poetry has seen a rece-nt resurgence in modern culture.

Not only has this opened a pathway for people to share their innermost emotions, it is helping to remove mental health stigma by normalising conversations. Depression and anxiety are the top two mental health conditions being treated with bibliotherapy, which is the use of books as therapy. And through poetry, it is possible to express how one feels and understand the walls around the mind.

One such book of self-expression is 3650, which is a wonderful collection of poetry by Vikas Shah. He takes the reader on an emotional journey through the trials and tribulations of his darkest moments. Seth writes from a place of love sharing words of wisdom through the lens of his fractured soul.

He gives the reader a different and heartfelt perspective on a range of topics like thoughts, nature, love, grief, death, peace and other inner reflections. The written language is accessible and thought-provoking, yet delivered with compassion. His words give hope, showing that even in his darkest moments, writing them were a part of his healing.

For those who find it hard to express themselves on paper, reading poetry can have a similar healing effect as writing it by fuelling awareness. And this collection of poetry does this by allowing the reader to see the vulnerability of being human and what is weighing down the heart and mind.

Ultimately, there is solace in the words in this book that we are not singled out by our suffering. In this collection of simple, yet eloquent poems, we find light in darkness and the magic of expression. This is a must read for anyone of all ages.


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