Out to conquer the silver screen



First Junaid Khan conquered the music world with his superb singing talent, hit songs and blockbuster albums.

He then surprised everyone with his acting ability. He became one of the most popular stars on Pakistani television and starred in a series of successful drama serials, including his latest ratings winner Yaariyan on Geo TV.

After taking big steps in the music and TV world, the multi-talented star is now set to take another giant leap with his debut as a leading man in the film Kahay Dil Jidhar. He stars opposite Mansha Pasha in the powerful drama with a strong social message.

Eastern Eye caught up with Junaid to talk about his amazing career, latest movie and future plans.

What inspired the move from singing to acting?
Artists always have an urge to experiment with different mediums. Music has always been the source of my self-expression, while television became the foundation to explore myself more as an artist, hence I moved on to acting.

How do you look back at your incredibly successful time on television?
I have absolutely no regrets for the work I had done in past. You know, there are no shortcuts to success, we all learn with time, and each day, we explore new ventures in life.

Which of the TV projects has given you the greatest joy?
In terms of acting, the most challenging character to play was Jahangir’s in Ye Mera Dewana Pan Hai. It was one of my best performances, as the character required me to showcase three stages of Jahangir’s life; teenage, adult and old age. Other than this, Dr Talal from Sun Yara garnered me massive fame, and people really loved my character. Recently, I have also experimented with playing the role of an antagonist, in Hania.
Over time, I believe I have done a number of projects, which make me feel that I have achieved something significant in life!

What is the greatest thing acting on TV has taught you?
In music, you have your own expressions to let out, but in acting you have to be an entirely different person; you have to mould yourself into the character you are performing. An artist needs to learn how to portray emotions convincingly. Acting teaches you how to control your actions as well as reactions in real life.

Tell us about your forthcoming movie Kahay Dil Jidhar?
I can’t give details about the movie yet because it’s too early for that. I received so many offers prior to this too, but I was in search of a good script and the right team to work with. And now when I have got the right opportunity, I’m really looking forward to my debut movie and hoping for the best!

What is the greatest challenge you faced with this project?
The challenge is obviously huge because performing on the big screen is entirely different to how you perform on television. So yes, I have a huge responsibility as I have to fit myself on a larger canvas and prove my worth on the big screen as well. Life is about taking risks and I’m ready for this challenge!

Will you concentrate on films?
No, not necessarily, because I love art in all forms, be it music, television or films. Opting for film is a big step, but whenever I’ll find a unique script and a challenging role in any (TV) drama, I’ll obviously go for it. To me expression in the right manner is important, not the medium.

Do you have a dream role?
Yes, I had an idea in my mind for the kind of role I want to perform someday on the big screen. And when I read this movie’s script, I knew I’m going to do it. I really hope fans will like me in this avatar. We have been working hard for this project, so let’s just hope for the best!

What do you enjoy watching as an audience member?
Being a guy, I’m more into action. But when you go to cinema, you look for entertainment which encapsulates action, comedy and drama; basically, a complete package. Audiences need something unique every time so if you are providing that, you are on the right track!

Where does music fit into the grand plan today?
Music is on the back foot these days; it is a bit slow, but it is really close to me. I can never let it go. I want to express myself through music, be it a solo, or with (the band) Call.

What inspires you today?
Life itself is an inspiration; it’s actually a journey, and I take it one day at a time. I observe everything, myself, my life, and am trying to figure it out; how I can improve myself and make the world a better place. There are so many questions in my mind, and I try to find answers through my work and personal experiences.