Mahira Khan opens up about Javed Sheikh kiss

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan’s fans have been targeting Javed Sheikh for trying to kiss the actress while presenting an award at the Lux Style Awards 2018. In a video from the event that has since gone viral on social media platforms, Khan is seen averting her face when Sheikh leaned in for a kiss.

Khan has now broken her silence regarding the whole kiss controversy, and have called it “silly stuff.” Taking to Twitter, the actress wrote: “I have just woken up to such silly stuff floating around. It’s good to be aware and have an opinion but for Gods sake don’t use anything and everything to make news. Javed Sheikh of all people! He is a legend and a mentor to all of us in this industry. Would vouch for him always.”

Khan is not new to controversies. Last year, she was constantly in the news for her rumoured romance with Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor.

In 2017, Khan created quite a stir when pictures of her smoking with Kapoor hit the web. She was criticised for her choice of clothing — a white halter dress — smoking and even hanging out with a Hindu guy.

She was initially unapologetic about her behaviour, saying it’s her personal life and it’s unfair to be judged for hanging out with a guy. However, she later changed her stance and even issued an apology.

“I’m a very strong woman but when all of this happened, I was completely shattered and broken. I would think about posting a statement every day. Then I would stop myself because I just wouldn’t know what to say,” the actor told Something Haute.

“To be honest, I understand where all the criticism came from and it didn’t come from a place of hate. I’m not talking about the trolls but those who were genuinely disappointed to see those pictures. It’s the same disappointment that my nani or my mamoo would have felt seeing that. So even now when I meet an older lady who says that she didn’t like the pictures, I’m quick to apologise,” Khan added.