In a shocking propaganda, terror outfit ISIS has threatened to blow up football stadiums in Russia to seek revenge on Putin. One chilling photograph shows the Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi engulfed in flamed.

“We’re watching you. We have drones, we’re scouting out locations and we’ll attack,” the voice-over in an animated video footage says.

According to ISIS expert Raphael Gluck,  the propaganda was a fantasy, nonetheless it should be taken seriously. He told Daily Mail Australia: “Obviously this is wishful thinking and make believe but governments are saying it’s only a matter of time until drones are used in some shape or form to carry out terror attacks in the West.”

ISIS has reportedly released four different posters urging fanatics to launch attacks.

According to  Sixgill’s intelligence director, Omer Carmi, there has been an increase in ISIS threats since the beginning of Ramadan.
He told the Daily Star: “ISIS has always tried to inspire its followers and supporters to ignite terror attacks in ‘infidel countries’, including Western Europe, the US and Russia.
With the World Cup in Russia, ISIS probably consider it a great opportunity to revenge Moscow for its part in the coalition against ISIS. ISIS doesn’t base its attacks just on organized cells, but also use ‘lone wolves’ in an attempt to hinder Counter-Terrorism efforts. Hence, all ISIS need is one pro-ISIS man with a truck or a knife to commit an attack.”