India’s Sushma Swaraj assures help to Indian stranded in US

India’s external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj has assured help to a man who is stranded in Washington after he lost his passport. The man, Devatha Ravi Teja, is scheduled to travel to India for his wedding in mid-August.

“@SushmaSwaraj ji, I lost my passport in Washington DC USA. I have my wedding on August 13-15. Traveling on August 10. Please help me expedite my tatkal request and help me in attending my wedding in time. You are my only hope. Plz do the needful,” Teja tweeted, appealing to Swaraj for help.

Swaraj was quick to respond. “Devatha Ravi Teja — You have lost your Passport at a very wrong time. However, we will help you reach for your wedding in time,” Swaraj tweeted. She has asked Indian Ambassador to the US Navtej Sarna to expedite his passport on humanitarian grounds.

Swaraj is active on Twitter and it is no secret that she makes use of the microblogging platform to help Indians around the world.
She has been responsible for reuniting families to helping citizens travel home safe. Here are a few times messages to the minister has resulted in positive response.

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