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India welcomes U.S. President Donald Trump’s new Afghanistan policy

Narendra Modi and Donald Trump
Narendra Modi and Donald Trump

Reacting to US President Donald Trump’s call for economic assistance and development in Afghanistan, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) welcomed his determination to step up efforts and overcome the challenges facing the country. According to news agency ANI, MEA said that it shares the concerns and objectives of the US. 

On Trump warning Pakistan against providing safe harbour to terrorist organizations, the Indian government hailed the US President for identifying and confronting issues of safe heavens and other forms of cross-border support enjoyed by terrorists. 

MEA, reaffirming its support in the development of Afghanistan, said, “We are committed to supporting Government and people of Afghanistan in their efforts to bring peace, security, stability & prosperity in their country.” 

“We’ve been steadfast in extending reconstruction and development assistance to Afghanistan in keeping with our traditional friendship with its people,” it added. 

Unveiling his strategy to win the war on terrorism, Donald Trump vowed to keep American troops on Afghan soil so that a hasty recall does not create a void which will be filled by terrorist’s organization like the al Qaeda and so-called Islamic State. Stressing that things will have to immediately change in the region, Trump said that America has been paying Pakistan billions of dollars while at the same time they are housing terror organizations that his country has been fighting. 

Afghanistan also hailed President Trump for calling out Pakistan in its assistance to terror organizations which has wrecked havoc in the mountainous country over the years.