India, South Korea sign six pacts to enhance cooperation in key areas

INDIA and South Korea have signed six agreements today (22) to enhance cooperation in key areas, including infrastructure development, media, start-ups, combating trans-border, and international crime during Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the country.   

Modi is on a two-day visit to South Korea to strengthen India’s strategic ties with South Korea.

A pact was signed between Korean National Police Agency and the India’s ministry of home affairs to enhance cooperation between the law enforcement agencies of the two countries and combat trans-border and international crimes.     

Another agreement was signed for releasing a joint stamp, commemorating Princess Suriratna (Queen Hur Hwang-ok), a legendary princess of India’s Ayodhya, who went to Korea in AD 48 and married King Kim-Suro. 

A large number of Koreans trace their ancestry to the princess.         

The two sides also signed an agreement to continue operations of the Korea Plus organisation that facilitates investments by Korean companies in India.