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Citizenship Act will correct historical injustice: Modi

Narendra Modi
(Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images).   
Narendra Modi (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images).   

India prime minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday (28) said the government has brought the Citizenship (Amendment) Act to correct “historical injustice” and to fulfil the BJP’s “old promise” to religious minorities living in neighbouring countries.

Speaking at the Annual prime minister’s National Cadet Corps (NCC) Rally 2020 in New Delhi, Modi said the problem in Jammu and Kashmir persisted since Independence and some families and political parties kept issues in the region “alive”, as a result of which terrorism thrived there.

He said the present government has been trying to solve decades-old problems plaguing the country.

Slamming Pakistan, the prime minister said the neighbouring country has lost three wars, but continues to wage proxy wars against India.

Previous governments, he said, treated the problem as a law and order issue.

“But even when our armies would ask for action, they would not go ahead,” he said, slamming the “inaction” of previous governments at the Centre.

He also said that currently, not only Jammu and Kashmir, but other parts of the country are also peaceful and the government has managed to address the aspirations of the northeast region, which were neglected for decades.

Listing out the achievements of the government, Modi referred to the Bodo agreement, triple talaq and abrogation of Section 370 in Jammu and Kashmir among others.