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Asda Supper Club celebrates the beginning of Ramadan

FOOD bloggers, social media influencers and celebrities took part in the recently held Asda Supper Club, which celebrated the beginning of the auspicious month of Ramadan.

Parveen Ashraf from Parveen’s Indian Cooking, ITV was a notable guest at the event.

The event, hosted by Radikal Kitchen and Zaleha Olpin, included dishes from around the world and guests were greeted by a delectable spread of savoury and sweet dishes.

The 13-recipe spread included Keema Pao, which was the most popular dish, Harissa chicken, Malaysian Laksa and rose flavoured vermicelli pudding.

While some dishes represented the subtle flavours of the Middle East, others embodied the fiery zing from South East Asia.

All the dishes were prepared with ingredients bought under one roof in Asda. Whether it be Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Pakistani, Malaysian or Oriental, the event highlighted that Asda can make every dish special.

With Asda at the heart of the community, sharing global flavours during special occasions encourages people to experiment and explore cooking outside of their comfort zone.

The Asda Supper Club highlighted that there was much culinary inspiration to be shared with one another and that there was something available for everyone at their local Asda during this Ramadan.