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An anime fan: Have you watched these comedy anime?

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After hard-working hours, maybe relaxation with some comedy anime is what you need. Here we list some of the best comedy anime that you can easily find on anime streaming websites.

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World

Japanese name: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Total episodes: 10

Choose to die or to live in other’s dream. Source: Moveek


In the list of most-watched comedy anime in anime streaming websites is KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World. The anime is about a high school student named Kazuma Satou who died in the funniest and pathetic way on his way back home. Then, he gets help from a beautiful yet obnoxious goddess Aqua and is given two options. He can choose whether to be reincarnated in gamer’s dream to whether to continue being on his way to heaven. His choice is to start a new life in others’ dream. This storyline has attracts much anime streaming to watch and enjoy this amazing animated film.

Begin a new life, Kazuma Satou’s very first mission is to defeat a Demon King. This demon is causing damages and fear to local citizens. There is a choice opening to him: he can choose one item of any kind he likes to assist him in the fight. He chooses Aqua – the goddess who granted him two options without knowing that he has made a big mistake. Aqua is not as powerful as what he thinks but tends to be useless. Moreover, this is just his first trouble. The lives in the gamer’s dream is not like out of the game because Kazuma and Aqua still need to earn money for their living costs before starting the thrilling adventure. And it is just the start of his misfortune days.

Mr Osomatsu

Japanese name: Osomatsu-san

Total episodes: 25

The conflicts in the same person. Source: Zerochan


This animation brings anime streaming fans experiences that they cannot enjoy anywhere else. This anime is not manufactured considering logic factors too much. Instead, you will feel something irreverent and at the between of hilarious and disgusting. Mr Osomatsu is about a deranged trip of the infamous sextuplet. By the combination of various animation styles and well as the narrative structures.

Rather than hiding the real identity of characters, this anime introduces the brothers as the monsters who can immediately ruin your day. The first season of this anime seems to attract more audiences than the second episode. In both of these seasons, there are a huge amount of memorable scenes and quotable lines.

Detroit Metal City: The Animated Series

Total episodes: 39

Don’t let your very first impression of this anime fools you. Despite its appearance, the Detroit Metal City is a comedy anime available in may different anime streaming websites. Its unique story is what brings thousands or even millions of views to this anime. DMC is a rising star in death metal – a music genre. This band is widely known for their outlandish shows and songs which deal with grim subjects. The main singer, Johannes Krauser II seems to be the most outstanding member when it comes to demonic styles.

However, when all the lights are out, he comes back home and comes back to his life of an ordinary graduated college student Souichi Negishi. There are conflicts inside this man: he joins a death metal band but still keeps his gentle soul. He takes his time to write new songs of the powerful death metal but has a gentle soul. He joins the world of death metal but still nourishes his love to pop music and hope that one day he could abandon this world. The conflicts between Souichi and Krayser II are what make many funny scenes, grabbing anime streaming fans’ attention.

Hina Festival

Japanese name: Hinamatsuri

Total Episodes: 11+

Most of the anime, if wanting to get attention from audiences, both in cinema and in anime streaming website, have to build a unique story, like Hina Festival. This is one of the rare comedy anime funnily mentioning yakuza, bringing a laugh to audiences. One night, Nitta – a yakuza member is stuck his head in a metal object with the face of a girl.

Hina’s power causes troubles. Source: Twitter


Trying to open the box and Nitta sees a psychic named Hina coming out and start living with him from that. And this is a strange life as Hina can use her supernatural power for Nitta’s yakuza business, however, making use of her power, Nitta also puts himself at the risk of being attacked by Hina. If this girl cannot use her power, she will be berserk and start destroying everything around her. And it is her power that brings troubles to their lives and getting views for this comedy anime on anime streaming website.

In the last of a hard-working day, there is nothing better than relaxing with a comedy anime on an anime streaming website. http://fcine.tv/anime is where you can go for the funniest Japanese animated films.


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