Tips and advice for a healthy Ramadan

NAZIA KHATUN’S EXPERT NUTRITIONAL GUIDE ON HOW TO BE FULLY PREPARED FOR THE HOLY MONTH by NAZIA KHATUN MUSLIMS all around the world have been getting ready for the holy month of Ramadan. This is the most scared month for Muslims, where we come to honour the time of God revealing the first verses of the Quran. Some will enter the most important time in the Muslim calendar prepared, while others will just about survive the long days without any food and water. But Ramadan is more than only refraining oneself from eating and drinking; it is also about commitment, dedication, purifiation, instilling new habits, controlling ones desires, negative habits and ill-mouthing anything or anyone. This year, I am entering Ramadan slightly bet­ter equipped. I have slowly been easing off my meals during the day and mentally releasing any emotional baggage, so I can benefit from the spiritual month. The word Ramadan originates from the Ara­bic word Ramida, which translates into ‘to be burnt or scorched’. The month of Ramadan is precisely that, where we ask God to forgive us by burning away our past sins and acts of wrongful doing. This fits in very well with the testing sum­mer heatwave around the world. The way in which we enter this blessed month is just as important as the month itself. The body and mind is a powerful machine, and if we train it properly we can reap more benefits and re­wards at the end. The end goal for me is to feel glorified and victorious as well as a deep mental and physical cleanse. Many of us in modern society forget that the mind, body and soul is all connected to the way we eat, act and behave. The increase of heart-re­lated diseases, diabetes and many other illness­es are…

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