TALENTED radio host Sonia Dutta regularly entertains listeners on the popular Breakfast Show on Sunrise radio. She is also an energy alignment coach and works towards helping people introduce positive forces into their lives. Eastern Eye caught up with the radio/TV host to talk about her energy alignment work, how it can help others and tips she would give those looking to get negativity out of their lives.

What is energy alignment?

Energy alignment (EA) is a practice used to help encourage a greater flow of cleaner and more positive spiritual energies within us.

What does an energy alignment coach do?

As an EA coach I help others understand what the main energies are (there are three), exactly how they affect our every day, and the importance of realigning them after a negative episode.

What first drew you towards becoming an energy alignment coach?

I discovered the power of EA at one of my lowest points in life. When I saw the changes I was able to manifest in record time, for situations I had otherwise given up on, there was no way I was keeping this quiet.

How do you define good and bad energy?

That’s an easy one. Whatever makes you feel good or bad, respectively, carries that sort of energy. It’s all about how something or someone makes you feel.

What is the best aspect of this job?

The moment when the penny drops and my client or workshop attendees say, “Wow, now I understand why all this was happening to me and how I was making it even worse for myself.”

How has doing this work helped you personally?

I have bad days just like everyone else. But I feel somewhat protected against very negative forces because I have discovered the tools to help me realign my energies after a negative episode. I understand and believe in the importance of using these tools on a daily basis.

Are there any tips for protecting your own energy?

Always surround yourself with good energy and do it for the maximum part of your day, even if it means being alone.

What key areas of your life can energy alignment help you in?

All areas of life that exist including health, wealth, career, business, love and relationships, social life, selfimprovement, confidence boosting and more.

What advice would you give those who feel trapped around people with bad energy?

Begin by learning the basics of energy alignment and practice them every single day, religiously. Keep the momentum going and you will see positive changes within the next four weeks, maximum.

What inspires you?

The desire to receive as much as I can of what life has in reserve for me. And continue to positively touch the lives of others.