Stress is an epidemic of the 21st century. Work, communication with unpleasant people, problems in the relationships, negative news on TV are the main causes of chronic stress, from which about 39% of people suffer. A man’s working capacity deteriorates due to stress because when all the resources of the body have been exhausted, nervous depletion or depression begins. At this point, the psyche is most depressed, and a rehabilitation course is needed to return to get back out there. However, how to deal with stress without the help of doctors?

What are the main reasons for stress?

  •    Firstly, its lack of rest and the opportunity to recover. You do all the work, spend time with family and friends and try to fill every minute of your schedule. As a result, there is no time for yourself, for a normal sleep and rest, which leads to complete exhaustion of the body.

  •    Secondly, monotonous work and the same type of action. Your consciousness is unique, and when you change your activity, work, then there is some stimulation of the brain, and it begins to produce dopamine. If the work is monotonous every day, and you have to do the same, then the body produces cortisol, a hormone of stress, which affects fatigue, reduced efficiency, and nervousness.
  •    Thirdly, you consume too much unnecessary information, more precisely 5 times more than the average person in 1986. This is equivalent to about 175 newspapers a day, which is very energy-intensive. Less energy means more fatigue, and chronic fatigue leads to stress. It is important to choose for yourself the information that is beneficial and to abandon the unnecessary one, which only clogs the brain.
  •     And finally, the lack of ability to concentrate. When you cannot concentrate at work, even a small task turns into a multi-hour marathon, after which you feel exhausted and tired. Endless checking of messages on social networks distracts from the task, and it takes at least 15 minutes to return to the working rhythm. Now, imagine how much time you spend just to focus again on the task.

How to deal with stress and anxiety? Advice is taken from

  •    Make a schedule.

You should have the opportunity to relax and spend the necessary time for yourself every day. When you have a day off, try to relax longer. If required, set aside a whole day to recover. There is nothing wrong with missing a meeting with friends.

  •    Say, “No” more often.

This skill will save not only a lot of time but also a lot of nerves. When you get offers that do not suit you at all, then learn to refuse. You will save precious time and energy by not allowing someone to ride on your neck.

  •    Learn to concentrate on one action.

How to deal with stress at work? If you have a lot of work planned today, then concentrate on it as much as possible. Sign out social networks, switch off messengers, stay off the phone with the games. In general, create all the conditions for your work and actions to be as productive as possible. After all the tasks are done, do whatever you want, but do not allow yourself such weaknesses during work and work day. It is just one of the healthy ways to deal with stress.

  •    Leave the work at work.

As soon as you come home, forget about work and relax. Chill out, talk to your loved one, go for a walk, do anything just to distract yourself and give rest to your psyche. It is one of the best ways to deal with stress.

  •    Take care of yourself.

You can suffer a lot of stress, you can face a nervous breakdown. However, short-term stress is useful, it helps to activate all the functions of the body in order to cope with any tests or emergency tasks. Anyway, you shouldn’t forget that only can take care of yourself.