Shamima Begum says she fears for her life

Shamima Begum
Shamima Begum

DAESH bride Shamima Begum has once again requested to be allowed back into the UK saying she fears for her life at the al-Roj camp in Syria.

Begum said the camp is very tense and she keeps a bag packed at all times, ready to move fast “like in the early days” of Daesh.

“I am scared, really scared,” Begum told The Times on Wednesday (23). “I am afraid I could die here. The camp is very tense. We don’t know what is going on. When the Turkish offensive began many of the women here waited to take advantage of it to hurt those who had left ISIS.”

Following a deal agreed on Tuesday between Turkey and Russia, Kurdish fighters have been asked to quickly withdraw from the Turkey-Syria border. The Kurdish forces have been guarding some 10,000 Daesh fighters and their families, and there are fears that their withdrawal would result in chaos, said the 19-year-old.

“There is the fear that if the Kurds leave there could be chaos here, anarchy, and that our lives would be at risk from dangerous people in this camp,” Begum told The Times, adding, “There are some psychotic women in here.”

The teenager said the only option she has is to go back to the UK, where she believes she could lead a normal life.

Begum’s appeal comes just days after the Special Immigration Appeals Commission began hearing her case. Her lawyers have launched a bid to bring her back to Britain.

While Begum has repeatedly expressed a desire to return to return home, British home secretary Priti Patel said that was not an option.

Patel told The Sun last month: “Our job is to keep our country safe.

“We don’t need people who have done harm and left our country to be part of a death cult and to perpetrate that ideology.

“We cannot have people who would do us harm allowed to enter our country – and that includes this woman.

“Everything I see in terms of security and intelligence, I am simply not willing to allow anybody who has been an active supporter or campaigner for IS in this country.”