Boris is yesterday’s news, says Javid as he launches campaign to be prime minister


HOME secretary Sajid Javid has described himself as the “change candidate” who can lead Britain as he launched his campaign to be the country’s next prime minister.

He added that fellow MP and a frontrunner to succeed Theresa May, Boris Johnson, was “yesterday’s news” and said the Conservatives must not pick a leader for Christmas or Brexit.

“I have a bold, new agenda and can connect with the next generation.

“My background is different, my life is different,” he said, referring to other candidates in the race, and “that connects with 90 per cent of the country.”

“It’s not just about the message, the messenger makes a difference as well,” he added at the campaign event in London.

The British Asian home secretary said the country needed a new kind of leadership and leader, adding that Britons cannot rish a “comfort zone candidate”.

Javid was introduced by Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, who revealed she came down to London especially for today’s (12) event.

Earlier in the day, Johnson launched his campaign, saying he would only take Britain out of the EU without a deal as a “last resort”.

In his remarks to his supporters, Javid asserted that he was not part of the Westminster elite and described how his status as an outsider proved to be a driving factor in his life, from childhood to turning his back on a flourishing banking career for politics.

He recalled how he was advised against finishing school, marrying the love of his life or giving up a lucrative job in the City for Westminster.

Outlining his vision if he became the prime minister, Javid said: “The way to win votes is not to exploit division. I’m concerned about that.

“Our political future is not about division but about unity.”