Messaging service WhatsApp said on Wednesday (31) that it will be appointing the head of India operations by the end of this year.

WhatsApp has been under pressure to curb sinister and fake messages that have resulted in a series of mass lynchings in the country.

“Our new Head of WhatsApp India, who will be named by the end of the year, will build a local team that can serve our customers in India as well as work with partners and government leaders to help keep people safe,” WhatsApp spokesperson said in an email statement, reported Press Trust of India.

WhatsApp vice president Chris Daniels on Wednesday met IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad to discuss the issue of fake messages and how they can be stopped. “We appreciate the opportunity to meet with government leaders, including Minister Prasad who confirmed his support for encryption and the privacy of our users,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson further added that the WhatsApp is “deeply committed” to serving the people of India and working closely with civil society and government leaders to help address abuse on the platform.

The government has stood firm in its stance on traceability and made it clear that it is not seeking decryption of messages on WhatsApp but rather wants the location and identification of senders of misinformation that provokes violence and heinous offences.

Also while the platform has appointed a grievance officer for India, the government has asked that the officer be stationed in India.