Secretary of State for the Home Department, Sajid Javid. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

BRITISH home secretary home secretary said he was prepared to take Britain out of the EU without a deal if he became prime minister.

Sajid Javid is one of the 12 candidates in the race to replace Theresa May, and he said Britain “with great regret” will leave without a deal if he failed to secure MPs’ support for a Brexit deal.

Javid’s Brexit plan includes working with Ireland to amend the backstop and to leave on October 31.

Writing in the Daily Mail, he added: “As prime minister I would have a clear position. We should leave on 31 October. And if we cannot get a deal we should, with great regret, leave without one, having done everything we can to minimise disruption.”

Javid also ruled out the possibility of a fresh referendum, saying the voters have been asked their opinion more than enough times.

He said: “Never in this country’s history have we asked people to go to the polls a second time without implementing their verdict from the first.

“Another vote before we leave would be disastrous for trust in politics, and cause the kind of chaos that risks handing Jeremy Corbyn and his hard-left supporters the keys to No 10.”

Javid announced his candidacy following the party’s disastrous Euro elections result, the worst in its history.

In a video he posted on social media, Javid said: “It’s time to rebuild trust, to find unity and to create new opportunities for our country.”