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Experts slam Kourtney Kardashian over launch of vaginal health gummies

The latest addition to the line is a pineapple gummy designed to promote vaginal health and balance pH levels for freshness and taste.

Kourtney Kardashian – Image Credit: Instagram

By: easterneye.biz Staff

Kourtney Kardashian Barker, a well-known American TV personality, has been involved in the wellness sector for some time. However, her recent launch of a vitamin and supplement line under the brand Lemme Purr has faced a lot of flak on social media.

The latest addition to the line is a pineapple gummy designed to promote vaginal health and balance pH levels for freshness and taste.

Parts of the advertisement that feature Kourtney, read as – Give your vagina the sweet treat it deserves (and turn it into a sweet treat). Our formula blends real pineapple and vitamin C with the effectiveness of SNZ 1969™ probiotics, which have been clinically tested.


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The advertisement also claims that this combination targets vaginal health and balances pH levels to promote freshness and taste.

However, social media users were not impressed and rushed to express their apprehensions over the “unethical” and “unnecessary” product.

One user wrote, “This makes no sense,” while another commented that it encourages people to market unnecessary products. “Another example of marketing unnecessary projects to women to make them feel insecure enough to buy it,” the user added.

Another commented, “These are not necessary! Not everything about women’s bodies is wrong.”

Yet another user wrote, “This is ridiculous. It’s not supposed to smell or taste sweet. If it does something is wrong. Don’t buy into this nonsense!”

In a response to Kourtney’s recent wellness adventure, Dr Jen Gunter, a gynecologist and author of the bestselling book “The Vagina Bible,” which debunks myths, accused the star of misogyny and promoting a fraudulent scheme.

“Just another vaginal scam, this one brought to you by the aspirational Kardashian empire,” the doctor wrote on Instagram.

A self-cleaning organ

The Medical News Today site explains that the vagina and vulva which is the interior and exterior organ of the female reproductive system secrete various fluids that play a crucial role in maintaining overall health.

It’s important to understand that having a slight natural odour is a sign of a healthy vagina, and trying to completely eliminate this odour through washing is not necessary.

In fact, excessive washing or using harsh soaps can actually harm the delicate vaginal tissue, leading to dryness and increasing the risk of infections.

If you have concerns about vaginal odour or infections, it’s best to consult a healthcare provider.

The vagina is a remarkable organ, said a previous report in The Guardian. Its mucous membrane provides a barrier against infections, which is crucial for any external opening of the body.

It also boasts a unique blend of bacteria, referred to as vaginal flora, that works to maintain its health and hygiene. In fact, the vagina has a higher concentration of bacteria than all body parts except the bowel.

These bacteria and secretions work together to self-clean and keep the vagina healthy.

Helpful microorganisms

Dr Sujit Ash, consultant in gynecology and obstetrics at the P D Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Mumbai told The Indian Express, the human vagina is home to over 50 species of microorganisms, with lactobacilli being the most prevalent and abundant type.

“These lactobacilli, as commensals, maintain a lower pH and produce antimicrobial substances like lactic acid, bacteriocin-like substances, and hydrogen peroxide.

Various scenarios can offset these bacteria such as cyclical changes in hormones, sex, use of chemical-based fragrances/soaps, tight undergarments, etc., and can disrupt the normal vaginal flora and pH,” Dr Sujit said.

Experts warn that introducing any foreign substance into the vagina can disrupt the delicate balance of bacteria. This is especially true for women who use products because they believe there is something wrong.

Why douching is not good

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh reportedly found that the frequency of douching was directly linked to an increased risk of bacterial vaginosis, a mild infection that can cause itching, discharge, and further douching. Women who douched once a week had a doubled risk of developing the condition.

“It’s a myth that the vagina needs extensive cleaning with perfumed soaps or feminine hygiene products,” Vanessa Mackay, a spokeswoman for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) told The Guardian.

“It’s a good idea to avoid perfumed soaps, gels, and antiseptics, as these can affect the healthy balance of bacteria and pH levels in the vagina and cause irritation. Women are advised to use plain, unperfumed soaps to wash the area around the vagina (the vulva) – not inside it – gently every day. During a woman’s period, washing more than once a day may be helpful,” she said.

Dr Sujit also adds that one should remember that any infection will need antimicrobials, be it antibacterial or antifungal treatment, to cure it, along with a visit to your gynecologist.

“So, note that gummies play no role when it comes to vaginal odour and vaginal freshness,” he said.

Additionally, according to Ronnie Lamont, a spokesman for RCOG, as stated in an interview for the NHS website, “If nature had intended the vagina to smell like roses or lavender, it would have made the vagina smell like roses or lavender.”

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