Domestic abuse and mental health

by MITA MISTRY ACCORDING to the Office for National Statistics, 1.2 million women and 700,000 men experience domestic violence each year. And during lockdown, calls to police for help with domestic abuse, from both men and women, were received every 30 seconds. Domestic abuse often happens behind closed doors without anyone knowing, and it can […]

Podcast, poses and perfect comic timing

HOW RASIKA MATHUR COMBINED A COMEDY CAREER WITH YOGA by ASJAD NAZIR FEARLESS, fabulous, funny and full of talent, there is little Rasika Mathur hasn’t excelled in. From being a yoga teacher and helping recovering-addicts as a mental health facilitator to working as a writer, actress and comedian, she has put her talents to good […]

‘Generational catastrophe’: world falling behind on goal to cut chronic disease deaths

ONLY six high-income countries are doing enough to tackle deaths from chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, a global report said on Friday (4), warning the coronavirus pandemic exposes the urgent need to combat underlying conditions. In its stocktake of global efforts to stop people dying prematurely from largely preventable and treatable non-communicable […]

NHS offers free soup-and-shake diet plan to fight diabetes, ‘avoid major diseases’

THE NHS will offer free weight-loss diets soup and shake to thousands with Type 2 diabetes across England as part of a new health drive starting on Tuesday (1), after the very-low-calorie plans have shown to improve patients’ life chances. NHS England said diabetes is estimated to cost the health service £10 billion a year, […]

Life after lockdown

by MITA MISTRY “Is there anything even under our total control? Yes, two things are: your actions and your attitude,” Mo Gawdat. LOCKDOWN has been a challenging time, and perhaps, it has tested many of us on what is important in life. The life, attitudes and values we had pre-lockdown might not be the ones […]

A brand new world

by Zara Ahmed WE CAN’T get away from the fact that our world has now changed. That dramatic difference in the way we live will carry on long after this coronavirus lockdown is over. Before the global shutdown due to this terrible virus occurred, most of us were running a race that had no end […]

Men’s mental health

by MITA MISTRY “WE can never judge the lives of others because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation,” Paulo Coelho. I’ve been writing about mental health issues in the South Asian community for some time now and I cannot stress the importance of it enough, especially in light of the tragic loss […]

How yoga can lower the lockdown stress

BHAVISHA PANKHANIA ON USING THE ANCIENT INDIAN PRACTICE TO HEAL by PRIYA MULJI MAINTAINING mental and physical health has been important during lockdown. The cross-generational exercise that has been helping people of all ages during self-isolation is yoga. Many have taken online yoga classes, while others have followed tutorials on video sharing sites or read up […]

How to cope with fertility treatment

FOOD WRITER SEETAL SAVLA DISCUSSES HER EMOTIONAL IVF JOURNEY by MITA MISTRY THE Covid-19 lockdown is having a detrimental effect on lives globally, but for many couples trying for a child it is a devastating time because fertility treatments have been indefinitely postponed and some feel they are running out of time. As each day […]

Sweet dreams: How to tackle snoring

A GUIDE TO IDENTIFYING THE PROBLEM AND CURING IT by MITA MISTRY A GOOD night’s sleep is essential to healthy living and especially for those in lockdown, but it’s not always easy if there is someone who snores in the household. With around 50 per cent of people snoring at some point in their lives, […]

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