DYNAMIC DUO: TJ (right) & Anj



THE ever-changing music industry has offered up some interesting combina­tions over the years, includ­ing talented individuals teaming up for a song.

The latest of these is TJ & Anj. They have used their con­trasting styles to come up with the catchy song Lak Da Ka­mal, which is a free-flowing number that blends a number of influences.

The hot new track is potentially the beginning of a dream partnership. Eastern Eye caught up with TJ & Anj

to discuss a variety of subjects including Lak Da Kamal, secrets, their future plans

and more…

How did you both end up teaming up for a song?TJ: We were both making mu­sic and through that we built a great connection. Then from there emerged what you are see grow today, which is TJ & Anj.

Tell us about your song Lak Da KamalTJ: The song has been kept very simple, so it is easy to catch on to as well as sing-a-long to. I want the audience to enjoy the music but also take away something from the song. Simple but effective!

How does this song compare to other commercial musical projects you have done before?

Anj: This is just way different! I think it’s the best music I have made and has really taken me out of my comfort zone. It’s genuinely something new, fresh and different.TJ: Every song is different. You have to work hard, no matter what, and only then you can achieve something great. I think this song was just meant to be! It’s the start of TJ & Anj.

What was the biggest challenge of putting the song together?

Anj: Usually making the initial song is not hard. I think the hard part is the post-production phase and wanting it to sound a certain way. So having to go back and make changes is usually the hardest thing to do.

Did you both have any creative differences?

Anj: Sometimes we did, but it’s not such a big deal if I’m totally honest. I’m always learning and TJ has taught me a lot musically. He definitely has a lot more con­trol over these projects, which I’m totally cool with.

Who are you hoping connects with the song?

Anj: I really hope the younger generation connects with the music more than anyone. I feel that the tempo, beat and vibe is Punjabi-fused with main­stream music.

Can you share a behind the scenes story from the making of this song?TJ: (Laughs) I won’t say much, but we were in a haunted place while recording. Put it this way, it was a dark, cold studio with no heating or human contact, so to speak.Will you both be working together again?TJ: All the music we are creating is not even done yet, so there is so much more to come. Of course we will work together again as we are a team!

Tell us a secret about one another that not many people know…TJ: Anj can drink cups of lattes. A lot of lattes! Anj: He can play a lot of instruments.

Who would win in a dance-off?TJ: We both have different styles which works well with the songs we are creating, so it’s quite even.

Anj: (Laughs) I think he would win as I have too much muscle now!


What can we expect next from you?

Anj: You can expect a lot more music, live videos, live sessions and more music videos too!TJ: We just want to carry on making great music and nice videos.If you could duet with anyone, who would it be?Anj: (Laughs) That is an unfair question because there is so much talent out there. But if I had to name some people, it would be Pharrell Williams, M.I.A and Jasmine Sandlas.

TJ: I think it would be anyone who appreciates our music and vice versa.

What music dominates your own playlist?TJ: Most probably random instrumentals.

Anj: Hip-hop, trap, drill music and obviously every urban Punjabi track out there.

Anj, you are outspoken on social media. What has been your most memorable experience online?

Anj: (Laughs) Yeah, it’s a gift and a curse too! I’m definitely an outspoken individual. The most memorable one had to be the time I announced I was going to be a father. My page actually crashed!

Anj, you speak your mind online, but do you ever put your foot in your mouth in real life?

Anj: Always. Sometimes it gets me in­to so much trouble, but I just have to be honest. Sometimes the truth is not always what people like to hear.

TJ, have you ever got in trouble online?TJ: No trouble; however we are all entitled to our opinion though so I believe in keeping it real online.


Have you got a secret skill that not many people know about?

Anj: (Laughs) I’m a decent table tennis player.TJ: I can sing while I sleep!

Why should we go out and pick up your new song Lak Da Kamal?

Anj: Because the beat and vibe of the song are just so different! Plus you got Anj rapping in Punjabi on the track, so it’s a proper vibe. And there is so much more to come. We can’t wait to show you what else we have been working on.

  •  Lak Da Kamal by TJ & Anj is out now