Errands and Chores You Can Automate

We spend more than enough time working as it is, so the last thing we want is to be beset by irritating tasks and jobs when we should be enjoying our free time. This article reveals how many of your boring errands can be simplified through the use of technology.


Picking up your groceries can take a significant amount of time out of your day. You have to first find a large enough window of time to actually go to the supermarket, then you have to park, pick up your items, go through the checkout, load items into the car and drive back. The process is even lengthier if you don’t have a vehicle. However, many major grocery stores now offer home delivery or collection, so you can choose everything you want online, pay by card and either wait for the items to be dropped at your door or make a brief journey to pick them up, ready-packed.

Medicine and Prescriptions

Ordering your prescriptions in person can be a lengthy process and often feels like very little has been achieved in the end. If you do it in person, you’ll have to head over to your medical center, fill out a slip, head back, then journey out there again to get the prescription and medication. If you do it by phone, you’ll often need to wait in a long queue to speak to someone, then you’ll still have to go and pick everything up unless you have a special arrangement. Many medical centers now have an online prescription service that you can use to order new medications, so physically getting hold of the items themselves remains the only time-consuming challenge. You can even look at obtaining your medical marijuana card in less than 15 minutes online if you live somewhere like Oklahoma or any other of the 33 states in which these cannabinoids are now legal. It’s a quick, easy process that you can do entirely from home.


You can now invest in appliances like washing machines and dishwashers that let you know the most suitable program for your washing needs, determine (and even measure out) the best amount of detergent or soap for each wash, calculate the water needed and tell you if they’re overloaded. They’ll also inform you of when they are due for a repair or for maintenance and help you to troubleshoot any problems and fix them yourself, avoiding costly bills.


Vacuuming a whole house can be irritating and time-consuming, and is a task that can easily be put off over and over again until things get bad. However, you can now invest in autonomous vacuum cleaning devices that move around your home without any input from you, keeping surfaces perfectly clean.


Whether you’re self-employed, a landlord, employed internationally or have any other reason to fill in an annual tax return, you’re probably never looking forward to the task. However, there are ways in which you can make it so much easier. Affordable, downloadable apps and software are now available to help you record your income and expenses in real time. Once you’re ready to file your tax return, this information can then be sent directly to the correct authority. Some of these tools will even inform you of any discounts you could receive in order to pay less.