Delhi, Ahmedabad top list of 7 cities in daily average consumption of ‘added fat’

Delhi and Ahmedabad topped the list of seven metro cities in daily average consumption of ‘added fat’ in dishes such as dal fry, stuffed paratha and mutton biryani, while Hyderabad was at the bottom of the list according to a recent survey. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) survey also revealed that men consume […]

Excess smartphone, social media use linked to mental distress, suicide risk: Study

Excessive use of smartphones and social media may be associated with mental distress, and suicide risk among adolescents, according to a review of studies. The review, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, focussed on smartphone use, and did not consider online gaming. “Physicians, teachers and families need to work together with youth to decrease […]

Ethnic minorities have higher risk of developing physical disability: Study

by LAUREN CODLING SOUTH ASIANS need to act early to prevent future health problems, academics have warned as new research found ethnic minorities are at a higher risk of developing a physical disability. Data compiled from a study of 40,000 men and women showed that those from a south Asian background are more likely to […]

Fast track to physical and spiritual health benefits

  By Nadeem Badshah FASTING regularly could boost a person’s health and religious faith, according to experts. Intermittent fasting has become trendy mainly in January when Britons take up the diet to lose weight after feasting on food and drinks over Christmas. US researchers have found that limiting eating to a fixed number of hours […]

What Is Physician Billing? What Are The Benefits Of It?

Medical billing for private practices or individual physicians is called physician billing. The process of physician billing regulates the entire sequential steps of medical billing,till the amount owed by the patients gets reimbursed. It covers tasks ranging from patient registration to submitting and following up with claims. Some medical billing outsourcing companies who specialise in […]

Anxiety and depression more prevalent among women than men in India: Study

More women suffer from depression and anxiety disorders in India than men do, new data shows. Among women with depression, the likelihood of them dying by suicide is higher than it is in the case of men suffering from the same disorder, a first of its kind study published in The Lancet Psychiatry today has […]

Sugar not to blame for high heart risk in people susceptible to diabetes: Study

Patients at a high risk of diabetes also have a greater risk of heart disease—but not because of increased sugar levels, according to a study published on Thursday. The research led by the University of Glasgow in the UK found that higher heart disease risk in such people was largely due to a higher prevalence […]

Over-prescription of antibiotics puts children in poor countries at risk, says Lancet study

Children in low-and middle-income countries (LMICs) are receiving an average of 25 antibiotic prescriptions during their first five years of life—an amount so excessive that it could harm their ability to fight pathogens, and also increase antibiotic resistance worldwide, according to a study. Earlier studies have revealed that antimicrobial resistance is responsible for thousands of […]

Machine learning tool helps identify suicide risk factors: Study

In a first, researchers have used machine learning (ML), and health data from the entire Danish population to create sex-specific suicide risk profiles, an advance that may help predict the chances of someone taking their own life. The researchers, including those from Boston University in the US, used data from the whole population of Denmark, […]

Mental health awareness in the Indian community

by SHARON KAUR TALKING about mental health has always been a taboo subject in the Indian community. It has been something that was either not acknowledged or understood, and if experienced within a family, often brushed under the carpet or hidden away from the world. I remember experiencing this myself when I was younger. My […]