My top 10 memorable musical moments – Bismil

Inspiration: When I was in the second year of my college, we went to IIT Kanpur for music competitions. At the end of the competitions, there was a performance by Sonu Nigam. I was in the audience looking at him perform on the stage and when he started singing Abhi Mujh Me Kahin, I just […]

My top 10 books – Rehan Khan

“AS A writer of historical fiction, I’m keen to maintain a broad range of reading. My Top 10, in no particular order are…” The Forty Rule of Love by Elif Shafak: A fictionalised tale about the poet Rumi, focusing on his meeting with his spiritual master Shams of Tabriz who arrives with his 40 Rules, […]

My top 10 musical moments – Alok Verma

“I STARTED learning tabla at a very tender age of five. My father used to play tabla, hence I got attracted to the sound of the instrument and followed in his footsteps. I’ve won many awards as a child and won competitions growing up, while still learning music. I did my first performance with my […]

My top 10 musical moments – Deelite MC

“I HAVE had a close connection to music from a young age, and it has gifted me many great moments. Here in no particular order are my top 10 musical moments and in the future, I hope to have many more…” Charlie’s choice: British DJ and radio/TV host Charlie Sloth ranked five Asian MCs on […]

My top 10 movie inspirations – Ram Kamal Mukherjee

AUTHOR turned award-winning filmmaker, Ram Kamal Mukherjee recently released his second Hindi film Season’s Greetings: A Tribute To Rituparno Ghosh, which is available now on ZEE5. Biographer of Hema Malini and Sanjay Dutt, he selected top 10 films that inspired him personally as a filmmaker. Pather Panchali: Satyajit Ray’s cult classic is like a bible […]

My top 10 favourite reads – Anju Gattani

Duty And Desire by Anju Gattani: The debut in the Winds of Fire series, Duty and Desire follows the story of Sheetal Prasad, a modern young Indian woman, and the twist of fate when she is forced to marry playboy millionaire Rakesh Dhanraj. Secrets, lies and deceptions tear apart Sheetal’s sanity, but when it comes […]

My top 10 films – Vikas Sethi

HE MAY have starred in a string of successful TV serials, but talented actor Vikas Sethi is a big film fan and selected 10 big screen favourites. He said: “Love for film is an essential part of any actor’s life. But it is quite a dilemma choosing my all-time top 10 favourite movies because I […]

My top 10 passions away from work – Sabeena Syed

“I LOVE my profession and feel blessed to be an actor, but have always believed in having a healthy work-life balance. Life is a precious gift and gives us so many opportunities, so I try to make full use of them when I can. Here is a rundown of the things I like to do […]

My top 10 comedy moments – Rajiv Satyal

“THERE are a myriad ways to interpret my top 10 comedy moments. When have I made others laugh? When have others made me laugh? What are my greatest comedic achievements? I’ll include a bit of all. Here they are, in chronological order…” French fried: How do you measure laughter? The hardest or longest you’ve laughed? […]

My top 10 fashion heroes – Ritika Pabla

10. Sophia Amoruso: Born and raised in California, Sophia holds a special place in my heart. She started an online thrift store business by purchasing clothes in local San Francisco shops, and reselling the items on eBay. She slowly started to gain traction as her business began to boom and later started her own company […]

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