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My top 10 live events – Jay Visvadeva

PIONEERING British arts legend Jay Visvadeva has many impressive achievements, including curating more than 1,600 events with over 3,200 artists at hundreds of venues, across a 50-year career. During this time, he also co-produced 450 multi-genre music albums from the South Asian arts world. He is still going strong, curating events, organising festivals and giving […]

My top 10 reasons for happiness – Priti Sinha

Family: A major reason for my happiness is the presence and constant support I receive from my family everyday. This helps me manage my work with my life at home, helping me better act as a representative for my country while engaging with charitable organisations. Goals: I find that taking small steps everyday towards my […]

My top 10 – Hira Ali

AN AWARD winning career coach, trainer and blogger, Hira Ali examines challenges women face on their road to professional success with Her Way To The Top – A guide to smashing the glass ceiling. The empowering book written by her has been described as a must-have coaching companion for women leaders and female executives. She […]

My top 14 inspirations – Himansh Kohli

Music: There are a lot of things, which inspire me and one of those is music. Good songs inspire me to do well. They churn out creativity and talent in me. When I listen to a song I love, I realise that it brightens my day, making me more positive and optimistic. Parents: My parents […]

Top 10 favourite songs of DJ Emenes

MUSIC producer, DJ and radio host DJ Emenes has blended global influences during his action packed career, which have included electro house, progressive house, hip hop, Bollywood and bhangra. He has made a name for himself on multiple musical platforms like a hit radio show, live performances, production and podcasts. Not surprisingly, DJ Emenes has […]

My top 10 acting moments – Ragevan Vasan

Stage debut: The first time I went on stage was a real moment. I was eight and played Mr Twit in the school book character competition. I wrote a speech, threw sweets at the children and had everyone in fits of laughter. The next year I went too far and played a character who couldn’t […]

My top 10 musical moments – Nish

“THROUGHOUT my six-year musical journey there have been countless times where I’ve been reminded why I love what I do. Here in no particular order are 10 of the magical musical moments so far.” First Bangla number 1 on iTunes: What started out as a fun recording by Mumzy and I, ended up being the […]

My top 10 comedy inspirations – Esther Manito

My dad: He is hands down hilarious. I think his accent and the fact that he is this little round Lebanese man makes people assume he is cute. However, he is so dry and you don’t expect what comes out of his mouth. I grew up loving seeing the outside world’s reaction to my dad. […]

My top 10 theatre moments – Shweta Rohira

“I HAVE always enjoyed watching theatre and it mesmerised me even as an audience. I never thought I would do theatre as I think it’s one of the most difficult platforms to perform on, but I am blessed in that today I am performing plays in different languages. It is difficult to choose just 10 […]

My top 10 – Ikon J Barber

(Stage 1 – Skincare) Dr Jacksons 07 face wash: This is a face wash for all skin types. It is formulated for daily use and gets deep down into the pores to give a good cleanse. Thanks to its pomegranate extract, it also gently exfoliates to help fix sun damage and at the same time, […]

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