Heat-and-eat biryani

By Amit Roy IN AN England a long, long time ago, people would object to the presence of Indian neighbours by complaining that their houses “reek of curry”. We have travelled far since then to­wards a much more tolerant, multicultural, multi-cuisine society. So far, in fact, that the Co-op is now selling “chicken biryani” for […]

‘No hint of racism’ in Prince Charles

  By Amit Roy FOR various personal reasons, I have known Prince Charles for a very long time – and there is one thing I can say with absolute confidence. There isn’t a hint of racism in him. To be sure, the interview given by Prince Harry and Meghan to US chat show host Oprah […]

Civil service concern

  By Amit Roy SIR SUMA CHAKRABARTI knows a great deal about how the civil services works. He was the permanent secretary at the Depart­ment for International Development (DfID) from 2002-2007 and at the Ministry of Justice from 2007-2012, before serving two terms as president of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) from July […]

Keeping Shamima out

By Amit Roy THE Supreme Court ruled last week that the Home Of­fice was right to keep Shamima Begum out of the country if the intelligence services felt she posed a threat to national security. This is a strange case in which a Bangladeshi girl was stripped of her nationality by a Pakistani home secretary, […]

Playing the name game

By Amit Roy GOOD old William Shakespeare. He had this great ability to get to the heart of the matter. Take, for example, the name game. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” But would Juliet have been quite as keen on Romeo had […]

Samant stands down

By Amit Roy RASHMI SAMANT found out the hard way last week that those who live by Twitter can die by Twitter – or Instagram or the various forms of social media. Rashmi was elected presi­dent of the Oxford Students’ Union (SU) by a handsome margin – she got 1,966 votes out of 3,708 cast […]

‘Prosecute anti-vaxxers’

  By Amit Roy IT IS one thing for individuals to say they don’t want to take the Covid vaccine, however wrong that decision might be. But for conspiracy theorists to spread or retweet misinformation with a view to discouraging others from taking the jab should surely be treated as a criminal offence. Shouldn’t such […]

The unsung heroes

by Hina Makwana THERE have been a lot of unsung heroes during these torrid Covid-19 times we are living in and as a full-time medical secretary within the NHS, who has worked throughout the whole pandemic, I have seen many. I am a wife and mother to two beautiful kids, Aaron and Nikita, so juggling […]

Menace of unchained Trump

  By Amit Roy FORMER US president Don­ald Trump was found guilty by 57 votes to 43 in the Sen­ate of inciting his followers to attack the Capitol in Washington in January. This was not enough to convict him, though, be­cause the result fell short by 10 votes as only seven Re­publican senators chose not […]

‘Ignore anti-lockdown lobby’

  By Amit Roy FOR some Tory MPs and right-wing commentators, it seems their highest priority is to get people back into pubs. That would indeed be nice, but perhaps Indians, Pakistanis and other British Asians, many of whom have underlying health problems and have much to fear from Covid-19, should oppose the shrill calls […]


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