91 farmers from Maharashtra seek permission for euthanasia over inadequate remuneration

As many as 91 farmers from Maharashtra’s Buldhana district have sought the government’s permission for euthanasia —  the practice of intentionally ending life. They have not received adequate remuneration for crops and land they had given up and their helplessness is turning into despair, the farmers say.

These men have been unable to feed their families and they have reportedly submitted a letter to the governor and Sub-Divisional Offices seeking permission for euthanasia, reported ANI.

This news comes just days after thousands of farmers took to the streets of Mumbai protesting against the BJP government’s inaction on the farm front. They called off the protest only after Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis assured them their grievances would be looked into.

Other promises made by the Fadnavis government include implementation of social welfare schemes, issuance of BPL ration cards to the farmers and tribals.

The Supreme Court of India had recently recognized “living will” by terminally ill patients for passive euthanasia, but it’s a given that the farmers’ request will be turned down. However, the larger picture needs immediate attention, social activists cited by Zee News say.

What was the March about?

The march was organised to seek a complete and unconditional loan waiver, and to ensure implementation of recommendations of the Swaminathan Commission and the Forest Rights Act 2006. The farmers also wanted a change in the plan to link rivers in Nashik, Thane and Palghar districts to ensure tribal lands are not submerged and water from the scheme is made available to  drought-prone districts.

Farmers were also against the government’s land acquisition for high speed rail and super highways. and they wanted compensation of Rs 40,000 per acre for destruction of crops due to hailstorm.

“We are demanding an increase in pension schemes for poor peasants and farm workers, compensation for losses due to pink bollworm and pest attacks and rehauling of the public distribution system,” the march organizers had earlier said, according to reports.