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Wants To Know About Weeds and Some Coveted Strains

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Do you know there are several types of weeds available in the market? Yes, certain types of weed strains you will get at the online marijuana market or local stores. The various weeds varied in features are due to the type of weed plant they come from. It also shows different characteristics because cannabis acts differently on users according to their biological structure.

So people choose to use different types of weed delivery victoria based on the effects they want to have on their body. The effects of marijuana also depend on the way one consumes it. the three main strains of weed are


The plant of cannabis Sativa has long and thin leaves. It grows tall and is mostly found in hot climate areas like South Africa, Mexico, etc. The blooming of flowers requires certain specified conditions like no sunlight and darkness for at least 12 hours a day.

The cannabis Sativa contains a low amount of THC and a higher amount of CBD. They are thus equating the level of both compounds off the cannabis plant.

Consumption of Sativa fills the person with new energy and power. So people usually prefer to take it during the afternoon or in at early morning. This energy helps them to focus and concentrate on their work more effectively.

People who face depression and anxiety find Sativa more useful to uplift their mood and provide deep relaxation.


The appearance of the indica plant is completely different from the Sativa plant. This is shorter in size and has a blush appearance. The leaves of the plant are darker in shade and rounder in shape. The buds of the flower grow in clumps. Cannabis indica grows in a cold climate, thus found in a mountainous region near Afghanistan, the Hindu-Kush region.

Unlike Sativa, it contains a high level of THC and a low level of CBD. Thus when consumed, it has high effects on the user.

If the user consumes a high amount of cannabis indica, it can show psychotic effects. Due to this reason, it is preferred to be taken at night or before going to bed.

The consumption of indica tends to have relaxing and calming effects. Thus relaxes a person from severe stress and anxiety. People who suffer from insomnia or have disturbed sleep and wake up cycle can intake weed delivery victoria for its sedative properties.


As the name suggests, it is a mixture of both commonly grown strains rather than a pure form of Sativa or Indica. This strain is made by mixing the seeds of cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica to produce the effect of both strains. The properties of hybrid largely depend on the concentration of strains used while preparing it.

If it contains a higher level of indica, or we can say THC, it shows high effects. But if it contains a high concentration of CBD or Sativa plant, it is considered energizing and sedating effects.


This plant is smaller in size than the above two species. It has large and thin leaves with a fibrous stem. When the question comes about its flowers, it is an auto-flowering plant. This means the blooming of a flower largely depends on the age of the flower rather than the sunlight it receives. This species is discovered in southern Russia.

It contains a very low THC level compared to other strains, so it is mostly used for recreational benefits. But nowadays, it is popular for its medicinal properties.

Coveted strains of weeds and their effects on consumers body

We have discussed the three most common species of weed delivery victoria and the fourth one the mixture of two strains. Apart from that, we have studied above some other common or coveted strains that are famous for their extraordinary effects. The strains with extraordinary and unique effects are termed designer strains. It is because here, the different qualities of weds are bred for maximum quality.

These strains are named on the basis of their origin, appearance, smell, and effects. Some of them are island sweet skunk, pineapple express, purple Urkle, permafrost, strawberry cough, and Willy’s wonder.

Let’s discuss few popular strains types of weeds and their effect-

Purple Kush

The name purple Kush comes up from its purple leaves. The strain is mostly originated near the Kush region, i.e., Afghanistan. Purple Kush is an Indica strain, which means it contains a high concentration of Indica. Indica is rich in THC composition. Thus it produces a full-body high.

This strain is commonly consumed by the person who is going through the stage of depression, anxiety, and stress. It is because the THC amount present in purple Kush helps in physical as well as mental relaxation of mind and body.

It also provides instant relief from any temporary pain, such as chronic pain or muscular pain.

Sour diesel

Sour diesel strain is named so because it has a gasoline chemical compound that smells like diesel. The buds of this strain are medium-sized and green yellowish in color. It is sour in taste, and some people find it unpleasant.

It is a hybrid strain means it shows the properties of both Sativa and Indica. So this shows highly energizing effects and relaxation properties.

Generally, weed delivery victoria is used to increase the appetite if anyone has the side effect of some disease and suffering from a low appetite.

Blue dream

The origin of this strain is unknown. That‘s why it is named a blue dream. It is sweet in taste and has a similar taste to blueberries and sugar candies.

It is also a hybrid strain and thus shows the effects of both Sativa and Indica. People who have fatigue, depression, loss of appetite, and suffer from chronic pain intake blue dream to have an early improvement in their health.

It is also suggested to be taken for relaxation and energetic effects.

Final words

Here we have discussed different types of weed. However, all these weeds originate from the cannabis plant, but different species show different properties. The effects of weds differ on the person who intakes it. If you want weed delivery victoria, you can order the strain which suits your body.

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