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UK not a racist country: Amir Khan  

Britain's Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge meet with Amir Khan during a visit to MyLahore restaurant in Bradford, Britain January 15, 2020 (Chris Jackson/Pool via REUTERS).

BRITISH boxing star Amir Khan has opined that England is not a racist country and “people in Britain are very loving”.

The former Olympic gold medallist commented after he met Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, when they visited Bradford on Wednesday (15).

Speaking inside the MyLahore Asian restaurant, he said he hoped the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as well as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could “sit together and resolve the situation” for the good of the royal family.

His comments came after the Duchess of Sussex spoke of fleeing the country after she and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, announced they were stepping back from their royal duties.

The boxer further noted he believed they may have made “rash decisions”.

Sharing his life experience in Britain, he said: “I don’t think England is a racist country, we’ve been living here, and we are well respected.

“I have been in that position myself, a long long time ago where you do feel unwanted, but I’m sure they will get to the bottom of it and hopefully, things get better.

Khan further added: “Obviously, I’m British, I’ve lived in England all my life, I’m always welcome in this country and always taken care of, and I feel like Meghan will always be welcome because the people in Britain are very loving.

“Every family has its difficulties for sure but it’s about sitting together and resolving them. I do feel for the family, and we wish them all the very best.”

When asked whether he experienced any forms of racism, he said: ‘I don’t experience that at all, I feel love from everyone. I won the Olympic medal, I won world titles for the country and I am well looked after; I’m probably wanted here and I am loved by the British public.

“I’ve had opportunities to move away from England and live elsewhere, but I’ve always wanted to come back home because I am most loved here.”

Khan’s comments came amid issues over claims the Duchess of Sussex has faced “racial undertones” in media coverage.

Her husband issued a statement lashing out at the “wave of abuse and harassment” she had faced from the press.

Tory MPs supported home secretary Priti Patel, who earlier rejected the idea that racism was a factor for the issues within the royal family.

Khan met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the MyLahore restaurant in Bradford as the royal family members met locals and visited community schemes in the city.

Founded 18 years ago, the British Asian restaurant chain at the centre of the community runs apprenticeships for local college students, as well as gives free meals to the homeless and needy.

MyLahore boss Asghar Ali narrated to the royals how the idea for the restaurant started in Lahore, the food capital of Pakistan.