Priti Patel shames Labour’s ‘dangerous’ new immigration policy

Priti Patel (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
Priti Patel (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

British home secretary Priti Patel has slammed Labour’s decision to allow unlimited freedom of movement if they win an election.

A motion tabled by the Labour Campaign for Free Movement was passed at the party’s conference in Brighton on Wednesday morning.

It said: “Free movement, equality and rights for migrants, are socialist values and benefit us all.”

The party also said it will reject any immigration system based on “incomes, migrants’ utility to business and number caps or targets”.

The Tories have blasted the move, with Patel saying it could lead to a rise in crime.

She said: “Jeremy Corbyn does not believe in any limits on immigration.

“Corbyn’s Labour even wants to extend free movement to more countries and allow potentially dangerous illegal immigrants to roam our streets.

“The British people voted to take back control. It’s only Boris Johnson and the Conservatives who will deliver Brexit by 31 October and end free movement once and for all.”

The conference motion read: “Confronted with attacks on migrants – from the racist hostile environment to the Conservatives’ immigration bill that plans to end free movement and strip the rights of working-class migrants – we stand for solidarity, equality and freedom.

“Scapegoating, ending free movement and attacking migrants’ rights are attacks on all workers. They make migrant workers more precarious and vulnerable to hyper-exploitation, pressing down wages and conditions for everyone. They divide us, making it harder to unionise and push back.”