Phoenix Fund to provide £1 million grant to BAME groups in England

EMERGENCY grants of £1 million will be provided to black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) communities, it was announced on Tuesday (11).

The Phoenix Fund, opened by Global Fund for Children (GFC) and The National Lottery Community Fund, will also look to support BAME leadership across England.

Survey data from the Ubele Initiative revealed nine out of ten micro and small BAME organizations are at risk of closing within three months due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Organisers said this research helped prompt the convening of BAME-led infrastructure and community groups from across England, starting in May 2020 and leading to the co-creation of the Phoenix Fund.

The Phoenix Fund is now accepting grant applications from micro and small BAME-led organizations in England, with a turnover up to £100,000.

Successful applicants will receive funding and continue their organizations’ missions.

Shane Ryan, deputy director, England at the National Lottery Community Fund, said the organisation was “committed to a more equitable future”.

“This is just the beginning and we will use learnings from this and invite others to join us, as we help ensure that the voices and expertise of BAME-led organizations are central in how we imagine a more inclusive civil society,” Ryan added.

To apply for funding, see