India counters Pak’s fake narrative at UNGA, brings up Lt Ummer Fayaz’s killing

Paolomi Tripathi, the junior-most diplomat in India’s mission to the United Nations, today responded to Pakistani diplomat Maleeha Lodhi, who tried to pass off a Palestinian woman as a victim of pellet gun fire in Kashmir yesterday.

Media reported, that Pakistan’s top envoy Maleeha Lodhi produced a picture of a girl from Gaza as the “face of Indian democracy” at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) saying that the latter is trying to divert international attention from the fact that Pakistan has become the hub of global terrorism.

Adopting a critical tone, as it reacted to accusations by Islamabad, India said that the envoy “callously” held up the picture of an injured girl from Palestine. 

“Pakistan misled the assembly by displaying the picture to spread falsehoods about India. It was a fake picture to push a completely false narrative,” Paloumi Tripathi, first secretary to India’s UN mission, said. 

Tripathi further produced a picture of martyred Lt Ummer Fayaz from Jammu and Kashmir who was killed by terrorists supported by Pakistan.

“We are constrained to show a photo that reflects the real picture of pain inflicted by nefarious designs of Pakistan on India…. This is a real picture, of Lt Ummer Fayaz, a young officer from Jammu and Kashmir. He was brutally tortured and killed by Pakistan supported terrorists,” Tripathi said. 

India also said that Pakistan is trying to deceive the international community by trying to divert their attention from the reality that it creates and supports terrorism. “This is the reality that permanent representative of Pakistan sought to obfuscate,” Tripathi said.