Innovation trends see ‘movement towards Asia’ as pandemic hits global funding

THE coronavirus pandemic is expected to take a heavy toll on funding for innovation, and may well accelerate the shift in research towards Asia, the United Nations said on Wednesday (2). “The great risk… is that innovation expenditures and the means to finance innovation will spiral downwards as the global economy grinds to something of […]

Learn 10 Content Writing Strategies of Successful Writers

Through informative content creation, you can win your audience’s trust and get them to take certain actions. This is considered a good way to increase brand awareness, brand loyalty, and brand recognition. Through in-depth research and intensive planning, you can generate leads through it. content writing topic ideas play an important role in your content marketing […]

5 Ray Ban Sunglasses to Look Dynamic Effortlessly

How you carry yourself has a significant role in the way you feel about yourself. It boosts both your mood and morale. Also, when it comes to your dressing sense, it is more than just your outfit now. Right accessories have also become game-changers in the fashion industry. So, if you wish to look dynamic, […]

Some Video Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Video marketing is one of the significant forms of marketing. To be precise, with the help of video marketing, you can establish your business as well as your brand. Well, a lot of people will be aware of your brand and business if you opt for video marketing. However, there are some prevalent mistakes that […]

Best games to play with family and friends

Cell phones aren’t merely for people that want to be antisocial, neither within our exciting connected world; they are a great solution to bring individuals together. A distinctive game, played on cellular phones, helps folks subscribe and join with friends and loved ones. Here’s a summary of some of the games which you can play with […]

Facebook reports six-fold increase in hateful content removals since 2017

Facebook Inc has reported a sharp increase in the number of posts it removed for promoting violence and hate speech across its apps, which it attributed to technology improvements for automatically identifying text and images. The world’s biggest social media company removed about 4.7 million posts connected to hate organizations on its flagship app in […]

DevOps Master Certification – All You Needed to Know

In an era where technology is fast assimilating with everything we know, from traditional jobs to business operations, it has become imperative that one employs the new breed of professionals who have shaped their skills based on what the modern businesses and companies need. A DevOps engineer is one such profession, which combines the traditional role […]

How Does Xamarin Compare with Android and iOS App Development?

Today, app development has moved beyond the mere logic of coding, particularly with all kinds of businesses and commercial houses leveraging mobile apps to reach out to their target audience. Developers have embraced a more prudent approach of Android and iOS app development where the focus, apart from the UI/UX and functionalities, also lies on economical & […]

5 Ways to Get the Most Out Of Your Android App Development Team

Today, the number of businesses leveraging Android mobile apps to reach out to their customers and improve the engagement is astoundingly high. For businesses with an in-house Android application development team, monitoring its performance and supporting it in all possible ways is vital to the success of the app development projects. The following 5 tips […]

Prince Charles launches Tata JLR’s mega innovation centre

PRINCE CHARLES on Tuesday (18) launched the Tata Motors’ Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) innovation centre at the University of Warwick in central England. The £150-million National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC), dedicated to advanced automotive research, design and development, will house up to 1,000 academics, researchers, engineers and designers from across the UK and India to […]