The best time to buy?

by Howard Robin THESE are confusing times for anyone wondering whether now is a good time to buy property in London. For one thing, there often seems little consistency around selling prices, with analysts noting how the market values of similar properties in the same areas can sometimes appear ‘random’ – with some rising, some […]

Beyond the East End

by ANDY MARINO WITH private property in London’s fashionable East End – Hackney, Bow, Whitechapel, Shoreditch – now pretty much out of reach for sub-millionaires, it’s worthwhile looking at the places where Cockneys dreamed of escaping to in past times, when the ambition was not moving into, but instead fleeing the East End. That means […]

Why buy in Dubai?

by Andy Marino REASONS TO INVEST INCLUDE LOWER PRICES AND CELEBRITY NEIGHBOURS WANT to live next door to your favour­ite Bollywood stars? Then it’s time to buy in Dubai. Prices have been sliding a little since 2014, as inflows of capital from countries such as Saudi and Russia have dwindled, but that means better affordability. […]

Portal to real estate reality

by ANDY MARINO GOING ONLINE TO VIEW, BUY AND SELL HOMES IS CHANGING HOW THE PROPERTY MARKET OPERATES EVERYBODY knows that moving home is sup­posed to be as stressful as a divorce. There are several similarities – a lot of money is involved, you see more solicitors than you ever want to ev­er again, and there’s […]

Building up assets

by HOWARD ROBIN DEVELOPERS AND HOME OWNERS ARE INVESTING IN NORTH LONDON IS IT the lights in the tower cranes winking in the night-time sky? The bars, bistros and baristas competing with the chicken shops, charity stores and bookmakers for the local pound? Or simply the multi-millions in bricks and mortar investment being pumped in […]

Interest in rate rise

BANK OF ENGLAND DECISION WILL AFFECT MORTGAGE PAYMENTS THE Bank of England (BoE) will be look­ing to see if Britain’s economy has re­covered from a severe winter chill as it weighs the prospects for a future inter­est rate rise this week. BoE governor Mark Carney has said first-quarter weakness looks temporary and he expects rates […]

Hotspot home truths

by HOWARD ROBIN INVESTORS EYE HIGH RETURNS IN CITIES SUCH AS EDINBURGH AND MANCHESTER THE UK property market may be cooling off, but it is still offering hot opportunities for smart investors. According to the latest report from Halifax, prices dropped by 3.1 per cent, or an average of £7,140, in April. That’s the second-largest […]

Asia seeks capital gains

by ANDY MARINO BREXIT DRAWS INTEREST FROM EAST FOR PROJECTS ASIANS cherish gold and property, traditionally two of the very best investments. Britain’s Asian community is active not only as property owners but investors, too – as landlords and businessmen – and this will only grow as their overall prosperi­ty and prominence in the life of […]

Bobby Singh: The Flying Turban

by ANDY MARINO MIDLANDS MAN IS MAKING AN IMPACT THEY used to say there were two topics of conver­sation in Birmingham: cars, and the price of cars. Now there’s three. Bobby Singh is an estate agent who set up shop in the small West Midlands town of Oldbury. He wears a turban and speaks with a […]

Profit from the ‘grey pound’

by ANDY MARINO HOMES AND COMMUNITIES PROVE LUCRATIVE TO INVESTORS THE world is growing older. Demographically, pensioners will one day outnumber the young in the west and this process will not reverse. Eighteen per cent of the UK is already over 65 years old, and that number will reach one quarter of the population by […]