‘Change must happen now’: EU plans tough action on racism

By S Neeraj Krishna THE European Commission on Friday (18) pledged to crack down on racism in a “moment of reckoning” amid global outrage over racial violence. Member states that to fully implement the European Union’s anti-racism laws will face stringent action, it warned. Launching its first anti-racism action plan, the Commission said the initiative will allow […]

Unique art exhibition marks 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in Berlin

Embassy of India at Berlin opened an art exhibition on October 2 in celebration of the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The exhibition features original works received from German residents for a competition organized by the Tagore Centre, Berlin. Speaking on the occasion, Mukta Dutta Tomar, India’s Ambassador to Germany, focused on Gandhiji’s universal message […]

‘Low-paid Indian workers making clothes for western brands suffer poor conditions’

by LAUREN CODLING WESTERN retailers need to ensure garment workers are treated with “fairness and dignity”, the author of a new report has said, as it emerged employees in Indian factories making clothes for export are paid 11p an hour. Tainted Garments, a new report on the conditions of work for women and girls in […]

UK migration plan ‘badly flawed’, business leaders claim

by LAUREN CODLING THE government’s immigration plans post-Brexit could impose an £80 million barrier to EU students and leave more than 100,000 jobs vacant if a £30,000-a-year minimum salary threshold for migrants is introduced, a new report has revealed this week. Global Future, a thinktank which supports open trade and immigration, published analysis on the […]

Immigration post-Brexit will prioritise high-skilled workers

BRITAIN’s post-Brexit immigration system will prioritise high-skilled workers and treat European Union citizens the same as those from elsewhere, Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday (1). Concerns over the levels of immigration were a key driver behind the 2016 vote to leave the European Union and May has pledged to end freedom of movement […]

UK to warn of limits to Brexit compromises

Britain’s Brexit secretary will warn the European Union on Monday (1) that his government’s willingness to compromise in divorce talks is “not without limits”. In a speech to his Conservative party conference in Birmingham, central England, Dominic Raab will repeat London’s threat to walk away if it cannot get a deal it wants. “My approach […]

Post-Brexit rules may help Asians

by LAUREN CODLING HIGHLY-SKILLED professionals from India and other south Asian countries will no longer face visa caps when migrating to Britain as the UK cabinet agreed to drop current rules that give preferential treatment to workers from the EU. Citizens from the other 27 European Union member states are currently free to live and […]

Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam to face up to 40 years if convicted

Salah Abdeslam, the lone surviving suspect in the 2015 Paris terror attacks, goes on trial at a Belgian court on Monday where he will face charges of terrorism, attempted murder and possession of firearms. Abdeslam was arrested in 2016 from the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek following a gunfight with police. If convicted, he will face up […]

British passports will return to “iconic” blue after Brexit

Britain will return to a blue and gold passport design after the country leaves the European Union in 2019 “to restore our national identity”, its interior ministry announced on Friday (22). The country will phase out the current burgundy colour travel document — used across the EU – following Brexit, when it will no longer […]

Gove backs PM May deal on EU exit but Irish PM cautious over two-year transition period

British minister Michael Gove, an influential pro-Brexit voice in Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet, gave his support on Friday (8) to a deal announced in Brussels to move negotiations forward. “This is a significant personal political achievement for the Prime Minister… Earlier this week, there were all sorts of doomsayers who thought there would be […]