Graduates’ brain risk

RESEARCHERS STUMPED AS TO WHY STUDYING RAISES TUMOUR CHANCES PEOPLE with at least three years of higher education are at greater risk for cancerous brain tumours than those with no more than nine years of schooling, perplexed researchers said last month. “There is a 19 per cent increased risk that uni versity-educatedmen could be diagnosed […]

Breastfed kids study better

CHILDREN breastfed exclusively for their first six months of life have an easier time behaving in primary school, according to research published last Tuesday (21). Carried out in South Africa, the study assessed more than 1,500 children and found a strong link be- tween how long they were breastfed and signs of behavioral disorders between […]

‘Cameron was a great leader’

CONSERVATIVE PEER PAYS HIS PERSONAL TRIBUTE by LORD DOLAR POPAT THE referendum decision last week has had pro- found political consequences. The fallout is, at the time of writing, being felt in the Labour Party and the attempts to oust Jeremy Corbyn. Similarly the first minister of Scotland has started sabrerattling about a second independence […]

Cameron hails ‘partner’ India post-Brexit

PRIME MINISTER David Cameron on Monday (27) praised “important partner” India in his first statement to parliament since Britain voted to leave the EU, and said that the UK must not turn its back on Europe or the rest of the world. In his official statement on the “Out- come of the EU Referendum” in […]

‘New leader must focus on economy and saving jobs’

BUSINESS LEADERS AND POLITICIANS TELL SAV D’SOUZA THEIR THOUGHTS ON WHAT THE REFERENDUM RESULT WILL MEAN FOR ASIANS IN BRITAIN AND FOR BUSINESSES TOO Dr Rami Ranger, CBE, Sun Mark Ltd BREXIT has stunned the world, including those who voted to leave the European Union. They took an emotional, rather than a pragmatic decision. They […]

UK now needs to try and put ‘hope over hatred’

SANDIP VERMA described the spate in racist attacks up and down the country as “absolutely disgraceful.” Here she talks about her concerns… “It is really important that the political classes get to understand that they are hugely responsible for the way that they set the tone of politics in this country because now you can […]

Mark on Modi

IN A freewheeling conversation with the Indian Journalists’ Association, the veteran BBC broadcaster Sir Mark Tully provided a mature and dispassionate analysis of Narendra Modi’s two years as prime minister. Basically, Mark said India would never be “saffronised” and that Modi’s period in office would ultimately end in failure unless he focus- ed more on […]

Judge Juhi

LOOSELY based on a psychotic serial killer who terrorised Mumbai in the 1960s, the contemporary thriller sees director Anurag Kashyap return to his gritty film making roots. Nawaz uddin Siddiqui plays a crazed motiveless killer and Vicky Kaushal the sleep- deprived drug-addicted cop on his trail. The interestingly structured episodic story line looks into the […]

Getting the best for Britain

NATION MUST UNITE DESPITE DIVIDED OPINIONS ON VOTE by SUNDER KATWALA THIS historic democratic vote split Britain down the middle. By 17 million to 16 mil- lion votes, the people’s referendum verdict was that Britain should leave the European Union. In Scotland, Northern Ire- land and London, majorities voted to Remain, while Wales joined every […]

Political leadership stakes

SINCE the parliamentary Labour Party, Seema Malhotra included, is so vehemently at odds with leader Jeremy Corbyn, who probably still retains the backing of a majority of the party’s 400,000 members, the best way to settle the dispute is for all of its MPs to put themselves up for reselection in their respective constituencies. On […]