Bangladesh garment manufacturers threaten billionaire Philip Day over ‘unpaid bills’

Bangladesh Garments and Manufacturing Association has sent a letter to billionaire Philip Day demanding the settlement of £27 million in unpaid bills. About 30 suppliers have threatened to halt production unless Day’s Edinburgh Woollen Mill (EWM) group pays up. The letter accuses EWM and its agents of taking “undue advantage of the Covid-19 situation”. The […]

Bangladesh factories ordered shut to save river

BANGLADESH’S high court has ordered the shutdown of 231 factories that have contributed to Dhaka’s main river becoming one of the world’s most polluted, a lawyer said Tuesday (21). The country is crisscrossed by hundreds of rivers, but a recent industrial boom, including the emergence of the world’s second biggest garment industry, has prompted officials […]

Biman Bangladesh Airlines launches Manchester services

BIMAN Bangladesh Airlines (Biman) has launched new services to further connect Bangladesh to the UK. Biman will operate from Manchester Airport to Dhaka and Sylhet three times per week. The launch of a direct air route between Manchester and Bangladesh will begin a new era of collaboration between the two locations, Manchester Airport said in […]

Assault alleged against Lululemon’s leggings makers in Bangladesh 

CANADIAN athletic apparel retailer Lululemon Athletica has started a probe into the sourcing of its clothing following a media report. A report by The Guardian said young women staff members of the garment factory that supply the brand were beaten and physically harassed. The Canadian firm used a factory in Bangladesh where women workers are subjected to physical violence, humiliation, […]

Bangladesh Factory Safety Group Formed By European Brands Seeks To Delay Its Closure

A group set up by European fashion brands to improve factory safety in Bangladesh has sought a stay on a court order that calls for its local operations to end this week, its executive director said on Wednesday (28). The group comprises more than 200 firms including global clothing giants such as H&M and Zara-owner […]

Worker Safety Alliance has ‘improved standards’ in Bangladesh garment industry

by LAUREN CODLING SAFETY standards have improved at garment factories in Bangladesh and more than 300 of them are now “substantially” better five years after the Rana Plaza tragedy, the executive director of a worker’s safety group has revealed. James F Moriarty, executive director of the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety (Alliance), made the announcement […]

India offers $10 billion investment and $5 billion loan to Bangladesh

India will invest up to $10 billion in Bangladeshi sectors including infrastructure and medicine and will provide $5 billion in loans, including $500 million in military assistance, prime minister Sheikh Hasina said on Tuesday (11). Hasina returned to Bangladesh on Monday after a four-day state visit to India, leading a 280 member business delegation including […]

President: India to partner in Bangladesh’s economic development

India is fully committed to be a partner in Bangladesh’s economic development, president Pranab Mukherjee has said. During a meeting with Bangladesh prime minister Sheikh Hasina, who called on the president at the Rashtrapati Bhavan yesterday, Mukherjee also said the ties between the two countries are growing from strength to strength. “Cooperation in the field […]

The before and after pictures that lay bare the myth of 10 stone-plus weight loss diets: These 3 champion slimmers piled on the pounds after winning their prizes

Seven years ago, Harriet Jenkins became Slimming World’s Woman of the Year But just weeks after the competition ended, her weight started creeping back  She’s one of many ‘Super Slimmers’ to feature in a new Channel 4 documentary The show explores why such dramatic weight loss can be so difficult to maintain Harriet Jenkins is […]

How millions from the Bangladesh Bank heist disappeared

When the Federal Reserve Bank of New York cleared five transactions made by the Bangladesh Bank hackers, the money went in two directions. On Thursday, February 4, the Fed’s system sent $20 million (£15m) to Sri Lanka and $81m (£61m) to the Philippines. The Sri Lankan transaction contained a small but crucial error: The money […]