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National Theatre keeps the show going online

POPULAR PLAYS STREAMED ON YOUTUBE FOR AUDIENCES IN LOCKDOWN by AMIT ROY THE National Theatre has decided that coronavirus or no coronavirus, the show must go on in the proudest British tradition. To that end, it is making available some of its best loved productions free of charge through its YouTube channel to theatre lovers […]

Using poetic verse to paint vivid pictures of modern life

RESHMA RUIA ON INSPIRATIONS, EXPERIENCES AND EMOTIONS THAT HELPED COLOUR HER NEW BOOK by MITA MISTRY ACCLAIMED names from the literary world, including Lemn Sissay MBE, Todd Swift and Rishi Dastidar have praised A Dinner Party In The Home Counties by Reshma Ruia. The poetry collection has introduced a confident new voice, using simple language […]

A well-paced and intriguing love story that can be enjoyed by all

by MITA MISTRY ALL THE WORDS UNSPOKEN is a debut novel by British-Asian author Serena Kaur and set in England. The story revolves around a protagonist, Maansi Cavale, who is battling depression and struggling to find a job after merely scraping a pass in university exams. With nowhere to turn to, she ends up back […]

Warhol: From immigrant child to American icon

TATE EXHIBITION OFFERS A CHANCE TO EXPLORE ‘CONTEMPORARY CONTEXT’ OF ARTIST’S WORK by AMIT ROY WHEN the museums reopen, there will be many exhibitions to see. Andy Warhol at Tate Modern, which I just managed to catch before the coronavirus shutters came down, definitely should be top of the list. Perhaps only in America could […]

Finding a new hero for young readers

HOW A LOVE FOR STORIES LED AUTHOR SERENA PATEL TO WRITE CHILDREN’S NOVEL ANISHA ACCIDENTAL DETECTIVE by MITA MISTRY IT MAY be the era of social media and technology, but talented authors like Serena Patel are keeping children connected to reading with wonderful books like her new novel Anisha Accidental Detective, which was released on […]

Nair makes Seth’s story suitable for UK audience

BBC ADAPTATION OF INDIAN NOVEL WILL FEATURE ONLY ASIAN CHARACTERS by AMIT ROY INDIAN AMERICAN filmmaker Mira Nair has spoken exclusively about how she is progressing with her adaptation of Vikram Seth’s 1,349-page novel, A Suitable Boy, for BBC 1. Nair is certainly a busy woman. She is now locked away in a studio deep […]

Iconic film posters on auction

MOVIE’S POPULARITY INFLUENCES VALUE OF ARTWORK, SAYS CONSULTANT by AMIT ROY AN AUCTION house, which has organised a sale of film posters from famous Hollywood movies over many decades, has told Eastern Eye it would happily consider doing the same for Bollywood as well. Mark Hochman, a specialist poster consultant with Hertfordshire-based Store Props, said: […]

‘Books open up new worlds and teach you about hope’

AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR JASBINDER BILAN ON LIVING OUT HER DREAM by MITA MISTRY In 2019 Jasbinder Bilan won the Costa Children’s Book Award for her stunning debut novel Asha And The Spirit Bird, which was inspired by a close relationship with her grandmother. The starting point for her book was a strong visual image of a […]

Shah’s 3650 shows off a dark and emotional side to poetry

by MITA MISTRY POETRY has historically been romanticised with a reputation for being difficult to access and perhaps composed for the literary community. But with the digital age thriving and attention spans shrinking, poetry has seen a rece-nt resurgence in modern culture. Not only has this opened a pathway for people to share their innermost […]

Dazzling display of Piranesi drawings and French prints

THE British Museum has twin exhibitions in Room 90 in adjacent spaces – one on some 50 drawings by the 18th century Italian ‘polymath’ Giovanni Battista Piranesi, and the other a collection of 80 wonderful French prints by such artists as Manet, Degas, Cézanne, Gauguin and Toulouse-Lautrec. “Why Piranesi?” asks Sarah Vowles, the Smirnov family […]

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