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Instagram Username Claims, Merges and Verifications (All You Need to Know)

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Instagram, and social media in general, has been a big part of all our lives. Did you ever wish having social media superpower where you could get inactive usernames, get your profiles verified and more? Well, that is not wishful thinking at all. Instagram, and social media networks in general, have all the abilities that you can imagine, and they extend such functions to a select group of agencies around the world. In today’s article we’ll discuss all about how to get Instagram username from inactive accounts, how to get verified on Instagram as an individual or brand, and more! Let’s take a look at what social media agencies have access to, in terms of superpowers, when it comes to Instagram! Here we go!

Get Inactive Usernames

Forget about ‘reporting’ an account and magically waiting for it to disappear just so that you can take the username. It doesn’t work. Did someone tell you to get a ‘trademark’ first and then ‘appeal’ for impersonation? Well, tough luck. That doesn’t work either. Having a trademark doesn’t mean you can force a user to give up their username. Instagram gives usernames on first come and first serve basis.

Now, for those that are a bit more serious. There is an easy way. You can easily get an inactive username on Instagram so long as it has been inactive for a certain period. Typically, we are looking at a minimum of one full year.

If the username you’d like meets this criterion, you can have it claimed and reassigned to you. How do you do that? You hire a social media agency that has access to a media portal via which they can request a username claim on your behalf. Within hours, your desired username will be claimed for you. And viola, you now have the perfect username.

Get the Blue Badge

Think of this. The self-application form for verification on Instagram is ‘new’. People have been getting verified way before that. So, how do you think they got verified? Do you think Instagram keeps track of every single musician, artist, writer, public figure, actor, politician of every single country in the world? No way!

The way everyone gets verified is via internal verification request. Again, just like username claims, you hire a social media agency that raises an internal request on your behalf to the internal Instagram team. They then look over your case and make a decision.

The process takes a matter of hours. And, before you know it, your profile is verified. You now have a coveted blue badge next to your username. And, with just a tiny blue check mark, you are no longer ‘just an Instagram username’. No. You are now looked at by everyone as someone who is notable, credible, and authoritative. Does it get any cooler than that?

Merge Accounts

No, this is not wishful thinking. This is something that is common. With the right social agency backing you up – you can virtually merge any accounts you’d like, so long as they are related in one way or the other.

Do you have 3 meme pages that have millions of followers amongst themselves? Would you like to have them merged into one single page? No worries at all. That can be done in a few simple clicks.

Just with everything else, all you need is a reputable social media agency to submit an internal request with their contact at Instagram and within a few hours, your profiles will be merged.

This happens more often than you’d think. Remember when we discussed onhow to get Instagram username from inactive accounts? Now, think of this. You have a couple of accounts, that you’d like merged into a new entity. The username that you’d like is taken but inactive. Can it be done? Of course!

So, let’s say you’re a beauty company and you have a few pages on Instagram. First, you have a blog page on Instagram where you share your beauty tips and videos. Next, you have a page that is all about your beauty products and shop. And finally, you have another one where you react, and rate other people’s make up tutorials.

Now, you have decided to combine all of these into one page and rebrand yourself into a new identity. You request to first combine all your pages into one, so all your followers are merged into a single page. You choose one of your main pages as the mother page, so, all followers are transferred into this page. For this page, all the posts, videos, bio, and other details remain intact. While, the other pages, they are simply removed along with all posts and videos. However, the followers are transferred.

Unban Locked Accounts

So, you’re a public figure who is locked out of their account? Do you really think you’d sit around and submit a form for an ‘appeal’ and wait for Instagram to someday get back to you? Of course not! There is a better way!

All you do is call up your social media agency, and they’ll file an internal request. Within hours, a human at Instagram will look at the case and clear out whatever it is that you’re facing trouble with.

As you can imagine, this is a much simpler way to get things done.


Fascinating, isn’t it? A lot of the features that we dream of, are being used in real time by lots of people around the world. The only catch is the right connection. Just like with any other company, having the right connection is all that matters. With the right social media agency backing you up, you can virtually get all the above abilities. Got a username you’d like? Done! Looking to get that blue badge for all your brands? Sure thing!

So, from how to get Instagram username from inactive accounts to getting verified – there is always a way around. And, with the right connection, you can have it all done within a matter of hours.

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