Massive crowds attend funeral for Pakistani firebrand cleric

Massive crowds of maskless mourners gathered in Lahore on Saturday for the funeral of hardline Pakistani cleric Khadim Hussain Rizvi, who for years terrorised the country’s religious minorities, incited riots and advocated the destruction of European nations in the name of fighting blasphemy. Vast throngs of men were seen packing the centre of the eastern […]

Islamist leader Hafiz Saeed found guilty on two more charges of terrorism financing

A Pakistani court on Thursday(19) sentenced Islamist leader Hafiz Saeed to 10 years in prison on two charges of terrorism financing, his lawyer said. Saeed is the founder of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), the militant group blamed by the US and India for the 2008 Mumbai siege. The sentences for the two charges – five years each […]

Technical faults caused 2016 Pakistan plane crash that killed 47, including Junaid Jamshed

A final investigation into a 2016 air crash in Pakistan found that three technical faults caused the accident that killed all 47 on board, the country’s civil aviation authority said on Thursday. The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) ATR42 aircraft smashed into a mountain in northwestern town of Havelian 50 km (31 miles) short of its […]

Pakistani Islamists end anti-France protest after government talks

A Pakistani Islamist party on Tuesday (17) called off an anti-France demonstration on its third day, after securing the release of protesters arrested following clashes with police. Ultra-conservative Pakistan has seen scattered protests since French president Emmanuel Macron defended the right to criticise Islam as part of freedom of speech, triggering anger across the Muslim […]

Pakistan’s ‘university of jihad’ proud of Taliban alumni

Maulana Yousaf Shah cracks a wide smile as he rattles off a list of former students turned Taliban leaders, revelling in their victories over superpowers on Afghanistan’s battlefields after graduating from Pakistan’s “university of jihad”. The Darul Uloom Haqqania seminary has churned out a who’s who of Taliban top brass — including many now on […]

Pakistan province bans invasive test for rape victims

Authorities in Pakistan’s most populous province on Saturday (14) banned an outdated medical procedure in which rape victims are subjected to an invasive physical examination. The move comes after critics of the “two-finger test” this year sued the government of Punjab province, home to about 110 million people, in a bid to stop the practice […]

Bangladeshi teen wins children’s prize for developing app to combat cyberbullying

A Bangladeshi teenager made an impassioned plea on Friday (13) for stronger global action against cyberbullying and online crime involving children as he received a prestigious global children’s award. Sadat Rahman, 17, won the 2020 KidsRights International Children’s Peace Prize for developing a mobile app to help teenagers report cyberbullying and cyber crime in his […]

Transgender people to gain inheritance rights in Bangladesh

Transgender people will soon be able to inherit property from their families, Bangladesh’s law minister said on Sunday (15), the latest effort to give the minority group more rights in the conservative Muslim-majority nation. While the country of 168 million people is officially secular, property legislation still follows religious laws, with transgender people mostly barred […]

Bangladesh extends school shutdown over second Covid-19 wave

BANGLADESH is extending its closure of schools and educational institutions which were last open in March until December 19 amid fears of a second wave of coronavirus infections during the winter, the education ministry said. Experts say the South Asian country, with patchy healthcare facilities, could face another surge in infections, having so far confirmed […]

‘Biden admin likely to be pragmatic in dealing with Pakistan, press for action on terrorism’

The Biden administration is likely to be pragmatic in its dealings with Pakistan, pressing Islamabad to act on terrorism related issues and support America’s endeavours for peace in Afghanistan, according to a former top Pakistani diplomat. There may be a resumption of the strategic dialogue process with Pakistan, but it will not be of the […]

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